10 Cars That Are Guaranteed To Flop In 2021

The models and segments of cars have been going down for a few years now. We don’t think that these cars will sell well in 2021.

Creating a successful business is not easy because there are so many other companies. With the spread of a worldwide pandemic and a world that seems to be under constant bombardment, it is much harder now than it has been before. It is hard for even companies that have been around for a long time to sell their products.

Though 2020 has already passed, we are still not free from the lasting effects of those fifty-two weeks. Today, it is hard for people to spend money. So many businesses are not making any money and they cannot afford to hire new people. This is easy to see when you look at the number of cars sold last year.

Some cars do poorly in one year and then they are good in the next. It is hard to know if they will be good this time. Still, we can make an educated guess. We can use old information and also what happened in the past to predict what will happen in the future.

Hyundai Veloster

This car, which is a type of car that some people might want to buy, has been doing worse than other similar cars. We are talking about the 2021 Hyundai Veloster and Veloster N.

Ever since the Hyundai Veloster came out, we’ve seen it as a cheap and good-looking alternative to other cars like it (i.e. Honda Civic or VW Golf). We don’t think the Veloster is a good car. The market does not agree with us.

For so many years, the Veloster sold poorly. And recently, it is difficult because of COVID-19. We think that things will get worse in the future because people affected by the shutdown have less money to spend.

Mazda 6

I am going to talk about a car that doesn’t get much attention. Let’s move on to our next entry. It is a sedan that is less sporty, but more practical. The new Mazda 6.

We can tell from customer testimonials that the Mazda 6 is a good car to drive every day. The problem is that people don’t know about Mazda 6s. People can buy other cars, so they don’t buy Mazda 6s. It is bad, but it may be an indicator to Mazda that they need to change something. Maybe a different marketing strategy will help them.

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet has been making a lot of new cars. But some cars they make are not there anymore. For example, the Chevy Impala used to be successful, but it is not now. There is a similar car called the Chevrolet Malibu.

The Malibu is a car like the Impala. They both look like each other and they also act like each other. People who are not interested in Malibu might be worried about it. They might find it boring.

Kia Cadenza

Out of all the Kia models, there are some that are better than others. Have you seen a Cadenza recently? What do you think of it? For us, the Cadenza rarely makes any appearances in cities. It’s anecdotal to be sure, but illustrates a bigger problem for Kia: nobody wants or cares about the Cadenza.

In 2019, Kia sold 1,630 Cadenzas. But in the next year, they only sold 670 of these cars. It is possible that some of the blame can be put on COVID-19, but not all. The statistics before the show what it did.


Now we have two cars. One is a BMW Z4. It is badged as one, but it’s not really one. It is like an A90 Toyota Supra. They are two cars that are similar and quick. I do not think they will have a bright future.

In 2019 and 2020, there will be a new Z4. It sold well, even though it is what people expect. However, the previous roadsters in the Z-Series have a common trend among them.

There are two things to say about this. One is that in the first two years, people sell a lot of homes each year. But in the next two years, this number falls by half. There is a chance that BMW will not produce or sell any in the next two years. We hope we are wrong because the new Z4 is really cool.

2022 Subaru BRZ

In today’s economy, a car model that has done poorly in the past doesn’t do well for its future. That is what we said before. There is a car called the Subaru BRZ. People love it.

Starting in 2022, Subaru is making some changes to the BRZ. They are giving it a facelift. Subaru wants to make it more attractive and sell more models of this car. People now think they look better than before. But we do not think this is enough to make a difference. Remember that improving the BRZ won’t make a difference for most people. Most people can’t afford to buy a car.

Lexus LC

Lexus has had a lot of trouble with the past LFA. It cost more to make than it could sell for, so they needed a popular and good-looking supercar. It looked like the Lexus LC Series could do that, but maybe we spoke too soon.

The LC is a beautiful sports car/roadster, but it still has some of the same problems as the RC F. Simply put, this car has less power than other cars in its class. It is more expensive than most other cars like it, and we can’t see many people wanting to buy it.

Buick LaCrosse

Oh, how things change! Buick was a company that made cars. They had cars like the Grand National GNX and the Rivera. Now they are not as popular as they used to be. Models like the latest Buick LaCrosse only show how this recent downturn has been hard for cars.

A long time ago, Buick decided that it didn’t like America’s car market. So they moved some of their cars to China. But even after going to China, they still had a hard time. It could be that we need another way. Or it could be like the American automakers and we do not know why they don’t work.

Audi TT

We are a fan of BMW. We have a few issues with Audi AG. Nevertheless, we know a good car when we see one. The new Audi TT is definitely one of them.

However, as with the BRZ, Z4, and Veloster, an amazing car will not always be able to sell on its own. The TT has not been selling as much as it should have. Audi could keep the TT for a little longer, but it will be just an electric version of the car.

Nissan GT-R

This next sports car is not expected to fail. It will fail. We are talking about the Nissan R35 GT-R, also known as the “Bugatti Killer.”

Now, before people get mad, let us explain. The Nissan GT-R is not a great seller. It always has been that way. In 2008, when the R35 car was new, they sold around 1,700 units. They stayed like that until 2016. Since then, the GT-R has been going down. It does not matter what GT-R fans want to hear. The R35 may not last long.

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