10 Of The Toughest European Sports Cars (5 That Will Crumble)

What do we love about sports cars? These cars are amazing. They have a very good performance and they are also really good-looking. People on the street will be jealous because of that.

And when it comes to amazing sports cars, Many of the greatest people come from countries in Europe. We’re talking about companies like Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. These companies have changed the way people think about cars.

But not every sports car from Europe has been good. There have been a lot of bad machines made. Do you want to know which ones? In this list, we have ten of the best and toughest European sports cars. The other five are not so good.

Tough: Porsche Boxster

The Boxster is a sports car from the German company that looks a lot like the Porsche 911. This car is fast, but it is also dependable. This is one thing that most of its owners like about it. Plus, the Porsche still looks good. It is very rare for a Porsche to make a bad-looking car.

Tough: Audi Quattro

I like Audi Quattro cars. They are the best because they have four tires that work together to make them go fast and sideways. The car was made in the Group B rally car specifications, which means that they can go really fast. This car is great. It has four-wheel drive, a stunning body, and German dependability, plus it’s fast too. There is nothing better than this car.

Tough: Ford RS200

The Ford RS200 is a car that was also used in the World Rally Championship. It is a weapon too. When the RS200 is in rally-spec, it can make 450 hp. This is a lot of horsepowers. Even when it’s not in rally-spec, it can still make 250 hp. There is nothing like the RS200. It is different and it looks great.

Tough: Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen makes many different cars. The most famous ones are the now-discontinued Beetle and the Volkswagen Golf GTI. In the original hot hatchback, you would find it hard to find anyone who did not like this incredible little sports car. Plus, they last a lifetime. You can have lots of fun for many years.

Tough: BMW M3

BMW is a company that makes cars. The best ones are called BMW. They are fast and fun to drive. The BMW M3 is one of the most famous cars ever. It has been made for many years and it has changed many times too. The performance and the reliability of my car have stayed the same. They are both really good.

Tough: Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is a beautiful car. People who look at cars from around 1980 choose the Porsche 928. They do this because it has a headlamp that pops up, not just for its looks. The company’s first production car was a V8 coupe. It had the only V8 front engine. The heart is very important. It won the hearts of many people and good ones are much sought after today.

Tough: Porsche Cayman

Onto a more modern Porsche, and it is difficult to find something bad to say about the Cayman. Yes, it does look the same as the 911. But that is just how Porsche does things. The Cayman has been an underdog. It is not as popular as the other Porsche, but it is still a good car. This car is good because it’s fast and easy to drive. It can go around corners and be a sports car.

Tough: Porsche 911

This is the incredible 911. We couldn’t include it on this list. The 911 has been a good car since 1963. It was used in the rally, racing, and other types of contests to become one of the best cars ever. More than one million of these have been made, and production is never-ending. And we do not want it to end either.

Tough: Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Sometimes people change how they make cars so they can improve them or fix problems. This car is called the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Sometimes it has gone through a couple of iterations to fix problems or improve them. The car we are looking at today is the original one. It was launched in 1977 and was hailed as Britain’s muscle car and it had a top speed of 170 mph. A 5.3L V8 engine gave the car a lot of power, and it sounds really good too.

Tough: Ferrari Daytona

It was originally named the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, and it was in production from 1968 to 1973. The name of the car is Daytona because it has a 1-2-3 finish in the 24 Hours of Daytona. We know that the car is tough because it won. To this day, Ferrari only calls the car the Daytona.

Crumble: Lancia Stratos

This is not what you should do. It does not mean that they are bad. The problem was that they had problems. This hurt their reliability badly. The Stratos is a famous car. It is one of the prettiest and best cars ever. But it was an old Lancia, so the build quality and electrical issues were there.

Crumble: Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the craziest-looking cars that the Italian company made. Okay, my car was not practical. It often had problems with its electrical system. But I liked the way it looked. The spoiler was not important. It did not make the car go any faster. Sometimes you have to do what is impractical or spend money that is too much, but it can be worth it if it makes you happy.

Crumble: Lancia 037

The 037 from Lancia could be even greater than the mighty Stratos. It was very exciting, and it won the manufacturer’s title for Lancia in the World Rally Championship in 1983. The 037 was the last rear-wheel-drive car to be champion. It is a great car, but it has some issues. Make sure that the car is in good condition before you buy it.

Crumble: Lancia Delta S4

The reason why so many Lancia sports cars are here is that this is where they live. In most Italian sports cars, build quality and electric issues are a big problem. That is also a common issue with all of these cars. The Delta S4 was very fast and people really liked it. Today, it is one of the most wanted Lancia models.

Triumph RT7

Giorgetto Giugiaro is a famous Italian designer and when he saw the RT7, he walked around it. He said, “My God! They’ve done the same thing on this side too!”. People didn’t like the RT7. Not only was it not built well, it only had four cylinders instead of six like its predecessor the RT6.

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