15 European Sports Cars That Were Built To Crumble

European sports cars are pretty. They are cool and stylish. It is hard to find the right car. It can be tough to find a car that both works well and is also cheap. But if you get the wrong one, it will be very expensive to keep it running.

There are many things you can have. You can have a fast, cheap, or reliable thing. You cannot have all three at the same time. That is a saying that you will hear over and over again among car enthusiasts. For most people, it is very hard to find a car with all three of the things that you want. Those are always pulling in different ways.

Slow, broken, and expensive though, you can find that a lot easier. Today we are going to look at a lot of different cars that are just like that. In addition, there are some people who can be very fast but they do not do well in the other two categories. Some cars are not good. We do not recommend you buy them.

Fiat 124

When Fiat decided to bring back the 124 I was very excited. As you can see, it is very close to the old car. It is as if someone took a picture of the car and put it there. The only problem is that they both share sincerity. They are not very reliable. Neither of these has a good reputation. This is because it has electrical problems, among other things.

Porsche 914

One of the problems Porsche had with the 914 was that not many people wanted it. Few people wanted to buy old cars. Most people did not want to fix the old cars. The years went by and many of the old cars broke down. They became part of history. Today you can find them all over the place. If you have money, you can buy one for a little.

Porsche 968

The 968 was a beautiful car that did not get the approval of many buyers. The front-engine design was different from what people were used to. It didn’t help that the process was complicated and that there were a lot of stops and starts throughout the production.

Maserati BiTurbo

Perhaps Maserati should have called this the Twin-Turbo. People could have added a curve or two somewhere on the body. Perhaps that would have made the man who designed it upset. He just used a ruler. I don’t know how to fix these, but I hear that they are hard to operate.

Bristol 412

The Bristol 412 was an interesting little car. It could never be called reliable. It is a pity. Innovations like the Targa-style roof and a motor that could go 10,000 miles without needing an oil change were benefits.

VW Corrado

VW has always battled with how well their cars work. The Corrado was no different.It almost looks like something fun and capable, but it is not. This car has a dimwitted engine that produces too little horsepower. The car runs well only sometimes, so it is not a good buy.

Lotus Elan

This car is cute and the first Elan was a hit. But this new version never became as popular. Sometimes the sands of time themselves just move past a particular product being viable and something this small and low-powered just couldn’t survive I used to not like this car while it had problems.

Ferrari F355

The fastest car mentioned so far is the Audi. This Ferrari has something great to it. But there is trouble too. The thing about this car is that the motor needs to be taken out for any kind of service. There are some parts of the car that need to be replaced often. The exhaust headers are one of them. It is not cheap, but it needs to be fixed sometimes.

VW Karmann Ghia

The Karmann Ghia was a group of different companies coming together to build something people think is an icon. The trouble was that its air-cooled engine was hard to take care of. Today it is nearly impossible to find one with all the original running gear because they are so prone to breaking down.

Alfa Romeo GTV

The new Gulia GTA is a great car made by Alfa Romeo. Some people are saying that the GTV will come back soon. It will have the same design as before and it might use a Ferrari engine. Alfa should not have used these bad ingredients in this old version of the GTV. If they had, we would not be including it here.

Lancia Flavia

The Flavia is a car. It is not Fulvia. While neither of them is very reliable, the Flavia has major problems with rust. As this article mentions, the word ‘crumbling’ is in it. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of that word. It’s a beautiful car but finding one without the rust can be hard.

Mercedes SL600

The SL600 is an expensive car. It is not easy to buy. It does not seem like it would be expensive, but it is hard to get into the V12 lifestyle with this car. Sometimes, the cheapest Ferrari is not the cheapest. The same thing could be said about the Mercedes Benz SL600. Between the SL500 and SL280, the more reliable one is the better choice. The V12 is hard to keep running, while the V8 cousin of it is considered bullet-proof by most.

Austin Healy Sprite

Austin Healey is another example of a car that seems to rust so fast you can see it happening. Combine that with a gutless engine and it can be tough to find one worth restoring and keeping. As you can see, there are bad things that happen too.

Triumph Stag

The Stag was advanced for its time. It is best remembered for being an advanced car. While it had a V8, it was known for having many reliability issues. It also had mechanical parts that were too complicated. At the time, it was a shame that they could not partner with Rover because of the V8 that was already made.

Jaguar XJ220

The fastest car here is the XJ220. It is a beauty, and it is the pinnacle of Jaguar’s road car history. The problem with the car is that they advertised it with a different engine than what they sold it with. BECAUSE of that, the Jaguar stopped making the XJ220. The people who make and sell the XJ220 can’t give owners any help with problems.

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