15 Gnarly Photos Of The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The Dodge Challenger was introduced in 1959. It is the same size as Coronet Silver Challenger. The SRT Demon is a car. It was first shown at the 2017 New York Auto Show and then again at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

The SRT Demon has a lot of new and exciting features. This is the first car to install a new type of cooling system. It also has something that cools down your car after it stops running. The Drag Mode suspension system is the first time it appeared in the SRT Demon.

It is very difficult to find an SRT Demon on the street. It had a limited run of production for only one year. A total of 3,300 units were made and each had a base selling price of $83,295. The production of the movie ended on May 31, 2018.

Built To Win

Dodge said that the Challenger SRT Demon is designed for racers. They want to be champions. The engineers and designers who worked together were successful in creating a race-ready car. They made it comfortable and gorgeous. The list of all the great things about the SRT Demon goes on forever.

One Of A Kind

It is different than the other Challengers. It has some things that are not like the other ones. The SRT Demon can be turned into a speed beast with some extra steps. To do this, take out the front passenger seat and rear seats. Power-adding features, such as a power-adjustable steering wheel, can be a better alternative to the luxury features.

Ultra-Muscle Car

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is an ultra-muscle car that can race anywhere. This model is different than other models of muscle cars. It has some quirks that are not like the others. This car is different from other cars because it disappears. It leaves expensive cars behind.


This car can go anywhere, from running errands to going to school. It is safe and legal to drive on the streets. Dry conditions make it easy to go fast because there is more grip for your car’s tires. This car is quiet and safer. It has a steering wheel that is set up automatically and it has better control from the adaptive dampers.

Menacing Look

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a car that looks like the Hellcat but is bulkier and scarier. In this car, the wheel arches are more prominent, the hood scoop is wider and higher, and the splitter is more enhanced. This car has Demon badges on the front. It’s wider than any other car. It looks intimidating, but also amazing.

Special Tires

The SRT Demon car has four fenders. Under these fenders, you will find tires. These tires were made for this car and they have the name NT05R. The tires were really sticky and sold separately. These special tires are great for curved roads and zigzag roads. That means that you can drive on them slowly.

Interior Design

What is the SRT Demon like on the inside? You will not have trouble driving in an urban area. Despite the visibility of the driver being limited by wide pillars on the side, if they are in a fixed forward position, it doesn’t matter. Adding the rear and front passenger seats will cost you $1.

Comfortable Features

This car has heated seats, a sunroof, and a heated steering wheel. This is so people can be comfortable in the car. Standard advanced audio and navigation systems are still available in this car. These come with a power driver seat. It may be fast, but it is still good. It has a nice inside and lots of space for cargo.

Powerful Engine

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a very powerful car. It will destroy anything in one direction. The car has very good steering because it is easier to steer. It also has a transmission and suspension that are both made for this type of car. The engine produces 840 horsepower and 770-pound-feet of torque. It goes through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

High Performance

Dodge said that this car will be fast in perfect conditions. If the weather is good and it is not too hot, it will take less than 2.3 seconds. It takes about 9.54 seconds to go a quarter-mile when your car is going 60 miles per hour. This car is really fast. It goes faster than most of the cars on the street.

Amazing Top Speed

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon can go as fast as 168 miles per hour. The car was tested on the track of Johnny Bahmer Grounds. The car showed that it can go more than just the normal speed. The car can go 203 miles per hour.

Faster Than Any Car

The Demon is a car that is faster than the Bugatti Chiron and the Tesla P100D. The new 2018 model has a faster quarter-mile time than the McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche. It is not just a hotter Hellcat. It is much stronger than Hellcat.


The SRT Demon will give you a good ride. It goes fast and can take turns well. You will never know how that feels like until you get on try. This is the fastest G-force for a production car. Dodge did its homework to come up with this result.

Transbrake System

The SRT Demon was the first street-legal production car to use a trans brake. A transmission, or gearbox, is a system that makes it possible to change gears. It works with the first and reverses gears. This will hold the car still as it builds up pressure. Racers will not worry about sliding before the timing lights dials up.

World Record

This is the first car in the world. It can do wheelies! You can check it in a book called Guinness World Records. It won the title “The longest wheelie from a standing start in a production car.” It is fun to do wheelies with it.

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