15 Of The Sickest Photos Of The Dodge Viper SRT

If you like cars, then there’s a chance that at some point in your life you wanted a Dodge Viper. Dodge’s Halo Cover is one of the most beautiful cars that Dodge has ever made.

The Viper is a car that has been around for a long time. It has earned some fame. There are no bad cars, but that is what you can feel inside this car. It is a no-nonsense driving machine built for the enthusiast. When you get into a Viper, the car will not trust you.

Even if a driver is very skilled, they have to be ready. Most cars are easy to drive. They can be hard because there are many different types, but most of them are not too difficult. The Viper is much more comfortable than it used to be. That doesn’t mean it has lost any bit of its signature character! If you’re a fan of the Viper, then we have a treat for you.

Red & Black

According to legend, Bob Lutz, who was president of Chrysler during the late 80s, liked the Ford Cobra. The man’s company did not make anything that was as good as the Cobra. Until he decided to change that by conceptualizing the Viper. The Cobra is a car. He wanted to beat it so he used the V10 engine.


This letter in the name of the car is not just for decoration. It’s there to show that a team from Dodge made this vehicle. SRT stands for Street and Racing Technology. Their main goal is to craft vehicles that offer very high performance. The Viper is a car. I like the Viper because it was the original.

Underneath the Hood

Underneath the hood, you’ll find an engine that makes the Viper different. It’s their monstrous V10 engine. The 2017 model of the car, contains an 8.4-liter SFI engine. The vehicle can make a lot of power. It has over 600 ft-lbs of torque and over 650 horsepower. This is more than any other car that is not turbocharged!


All the power and speed of this car are like a dream come true. You can feel it when you drive it. It’s just amazing! The car is everything you would expect and more. So much power in such a light body makes the car quite tricky to handle at certain times. You should always be on your toes and pay attention to what is going on.


This lightweight and massive power create speed. Viper is a very fast car. In terms of exact numbers, you’ll go from 0-60 mph in a breathtaking 3.6 seconds. Additionally, it’ll cover a quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds. This car is really fast. It can go very fast, almost as fast as a modern supercar.


It’s not just a brute of the straights. The Viper is different than other cars. It does not go straight like most American cars. It goes around corners really fast. The car truly comes alive on the track, where all 645 of its horsepower can shine. It’ll set fire to any circuit!

Super Light Car

This car is great because it has many things that make it good. Firstly, the combination of rear-wheel drive and a massive engine in the front lower the center of gravity. Second, the car is super light, and lastly, Dodge’s performance-grade suspension keeps everything in check. It is difficult to drive this car.

Fun Drive

The hood is not just pretty. It does important things, too. The hood can make the engine cooler. The hood of the Viper is built from a single piece of carbon fiber. It is filled with air extractors, Air conditioners help keep the engine cool with a fan and make it work better with a filter.

Delight Around Corners

The newer Dodge Vipers are better than older ones when going around corners. Due to modern features such as traction control and electronic stability, the car stays in the realms of complete control. However, even with all the settings of the Viper has a beautiful balance. The driver will have to be good. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Just A Looker This

Furthermore, the 5th and latest generation of Viper is a really good car. It has been improved from before. Instead of using plastic and fiberglass, which is traditional, the engineers at Dodge went mental. There is a lot of carbon fiber on this car. This makes it really light.


The inside of the car will surprise you. It is not as low to the ground as you think and there’s a lot of space inside. By sportscar standards, there’s nothing in the market aside from the Skyline that can compete for space. Dodge says any person between 6-7 feet tall will fit in.


Vipers are comfortable on the street. But they are not as comfortable as performance-geared ones. The higher grades have adjustable dampers, which alter the ride of the car. When you’re on regular roads, you can soften the damper. When you are on a track, you can adjust so that the track responds to what you need.

Lousy Gas Though

If you buy a V10, then you should also be prepared to pay for expensive gas. In the past few years, the tax has been really high. But it is better now. The last year was 12,19,14. It’s sort of a given, but the actual numbers are still astounding. It’s a car that uses a lot of gas, but it is worth the money.

Ferocious Sound

The sound of the car is something you need to hear. It’s one of the loudest cars in the market, and Dodge is proud. When you turn on your car, it makes a loud noise. When you drive, you feel the engine vibrate and hum. You will know how powerful your car is!

2020 Hopes

The last Dodge Viper was made in 2017. Production has been stopped indefinitely. However, there is some hope for a 2020 model. It won’t have the same V-10 as today’s models. New regulations mean that it will be different. Even though they are changing the car, we wish they could keep the spirit of the Viper in tact.

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