15 Sick Photos Of The Ford GT You Need To See

We could look at the Ford GT for a long time. We like looking at pictures of our pets. So here are some pictures for you to look at.

Henry Ford built the first car in his garage behind his house. Forming the company in 1903, he built the first Ford car at the Mack Avenue plant. In 1908, the popular Model T was offered. The demand for it was so big that Ford had to create new production techniques in order to produce enough cars.

In 1911, he opened a branch assembly plant. This was the first-ever in the world. The person went to England and opened a production facility. He was the first one in the US to do this. 3 years later, Ford introduced the $5 daily wage that replaced $2.34 wages.

The Ford GT, or the GT40, first won Le Mans in 1966. It was a V8 supercar that could win the most prestigious races and dominate race tracks. It created a legacy around Ford. Here are 15 sick photos of the Ford GT you need to see.

Improved EcoBoost Engine

With 13 more hp (647 hp in total) than the previous-gen model, the new Ford GT’s EcoBoost engine got a wider torque band and a new calibration along with significant mechanical upgrades that include higher-energy ignition coils. Many of the new features came directly from the track-only GT Mk II.

New Power Preserving Technologies

Airflow is increased by 50% thanks to new engine cooling technologies and airflow updates that include new buttress air ducts. Large intercoolers preserve peak engine power for the highest-temperature sessions at the track. When you drive in the Track mode, suspension damping is increased to improve handling and control.

Akrapovič Titanium Exhaust

Ford has made a new car called the Ford GT. It has a special exhaust that is made of titanium. This exhaust for cars is made by people who know what racing is like. It saves 9 pounds of weight, which means that you can go faster. You’ll love the sound coming from your EcoBoost engine. Ed Krenz, the chief program engineer for Ford Performance, said: “GT is always the ultimate expression of Ford racing innovation.”

Liquid Carbon Body

GT cars come with a body that is made of carbon fiber. It doesn’t have any paint color so it will not look bad if it gets dirty. This special coat is part of the car’s design. It looks different than other cars. Angus Smith, the general manager of Multimatic Niche Vehicles. John said that “this allows us to fully demonstrate our mastery in both the art and science of carbon fiber craftsmanship.”

Interior And Exterior Options

The carbon fiber wheels come as standard with the Liquid Carbon Body package. You can have a choice of six-point racing harness anchors, titanium lug nuts, five caliper colors, and five interior options. You can make your GT even more unique by adding stripes and painted mirror caps. For the first time ever, you can buy features separately.

Gulf Racing Heritage Livery

Ford updated its iconic livery with a new design. The new design has a black stripe that separates the blue and orange colors. This design is for the GT40. This car won Le Mans. It has wheels instead of aluminum alloy. Mike Severson, the person who manages the Ford GT program, said that this design was highly requested.

7-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission

The V6 engine is paired with the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This means you will have a car that is quick and efficient. It can go 60 mph in 3 seconds. It can go 1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds and 134 mph. Driving the GT is easy, and the wheels feel agile and light. In the car, it is not hard to ride. The car’s suspension can handle bumps on the road.

Minimalistic Driver-Focused Interior

The interior is like race cars. It’s minimalistic and designed for the driver. Almost all controls are in front of the steering wheel. Getting inside can be challenging but once you’re there, you will notice that you can’t adjust the seat. Instead of steering with your hands, the car will move when you push on the pedals.

Minimum Entertainment Features

The car is meant to go fast. That means you don’t need to worry about anything else while you are driving. The touchscreen is so tall. It has the software called Sync 3 on it. It understands simple voice commands and has a modern navigation system. There are a lot of apps that you can download on a new Ford car. They work with the Sync 3 system.

Surprising Fuel Economy Numbers

Truthfully, most people do not buy the GT because the fuel consumption is too expensive. Still, it is estimated that this car gets 11 miles per gallon in the city, 18 miles per gallon on the highway, and 14 miles per gallon combined. This is better than the average sports car. The GT coaxes 550 lb. ft. of torque out of its engine.

Only One Trim

The GT comes in only one trim. It has 5 different drive modes, has dual exhaust, 2 different ride heights, active aerodynamics, air brakes, and aluminum wheels that are 20 inches. Besides, you get a rearview camera, keyless access with a push-button start feature, carbon-fiber Sparco seats, and LED headlights.

Every Feature Has A Purpose

Once you get into the car, you might notice that there are not a lot of things inside. There are only sheets of carbon fiber. Speaking of cargo space, you get less than half of a cubic foot behind the engine. The space in the cockpit is tight but not too small. Most of the cockpit can be adjusted to fit different people.

Precisely Engineered Machine

Once you leave your car, you can feel the energy that is inside. There is nothing to stop you from moving, and it feels like you are strapped onto a machine. You can feel the vibrations when you drive this car. You can tell what kind of grip it has and how balanced it is in the middle of the turn.

Soft Seats With Shallow Bolsters

The steering wheel is a material that looks like a cloth. It feels good to touch. The seats in these cars are not as aggressive as those in a real race car. They are soft and have shallow bolsters. They are mounted higher than the cockpit. However, the seatbelt holds a driver really tight. When you feel like you’re falling out of the seat, or if you need more support, it’s time to take your seatbelt off.

Only 1 000 Units Will Be Made

The new GT costs $450,000. That is a big amount of money. Ford will only build 1,000 units globally, which makes the car so desirable to collectors. This company has a racing history. This particular car is different than any other car in this price range.

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