15 Stunning Pics Of Michael Schumacher’s Car Collection

There are a lot of racecar drivers who drive cars that you find in the grocery store or in a mini-van. Schumacher was not one of those.

People argue about who is the best driver in motorsport. The debate can be vicious.No matter what you think about Formula One drivers, they will still be a part of the argument. In that field, you will hear the names Senna, Prost, and Hamilton. All these people are really good drivers. They deserve all the fame they get because of how well they drive.

In the end, not one of them can be as good as Michael Schumacher. He has the most Formula One championships. Michael, as we all know, has a brain injury because he had an accident on December 29th, 2013. Since then, he has not been seen in public. His family has been quiet and private about his condition and care.

We have heard that he is not unconscious anymore, but other than that, we don’t know how he is. One thing we know is that he loved cars very much. He loved them so much that he actually got to take home the F1 cars he drove during his career. I want to talk about some of the things he has in his collection.

1988 Formel Ford

One of his favorite cars was the first race car he ever drove. This Ford racecar was from the part of his career before Formula One and he has kept it in his stable ever since he used it to make his career go up.

Sauber – Mercedes C291

This Sauber-Mercedes is one of the few famous racecars. It has a closed cockpit and it’s one of the few famous racecars. Add an all-time great like Michael Schumacher to the mix and it became really hard for the other racers.

1991 Jordan 191

This was Michael’s first Formula One car. It belonged to Jordan F1. Look how low they were back then. Those sparks came out from under the body. If you look at other pictures from the same time, they are always spitting sparks.

Ferrari F310

This F310 began a partnership for the ages. This was the very first Ferrari that Schumacher ever drove in Formula One. This man had many hopes. He made them all come true.

Ferrari FXX

The FXX was for all intents and purposes a Ferrari Enzo built only for the track. Schumacher had a hand in the development of this. It is made of metal and is cool because it can’t be destroyed.


In 1998, The F1-2000 was a new type of racing car that Ferrari made. The F1 team was not as good as other teams. Michael won the championship because he had a new design for the car. It was the first time Ferrari won in 21 years.

Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo was very successful. It was a success in every way. Once again, Mr. Schumacher had some input on the development of this car. And he owned this red example from the moment it came off the assembly line.

F1-2004 (Highest Point Total Ever)

In 2004, his team did something that they had never done before. He set a new record for the most points that they had ever scored in a season. He won 13 races in one season. He also got his 5th championship and 7th overall. Many records with one car.

Mercedes SLS AMG

The SLS is an awesome car that started a new wave. Cars are awesome. Michael helped in the development of this car. He had a relationship with Mercedes. The man bought the company and then he took delivery of his own car.


The F1-2002 was the most dominant F1 car in more than a couple of decades. This car only lost one race that season and that was at the always stormy Monaco. They were so dominant that the team was directing the drivers to overtake each other at times to ensure specific finishes.

Ferrari 599 GTB

The Ferrari 599 GTB was a change for the company. It had a new style. Michael Schumacher liked this car so much that he’s seen here. He’s happy with the new body and technology. He owns at least 3 of these.

430 Scuderia

The 430 is a really good car. It’s really fast and has a lot of cool features. The car in his personal collection is actually the Scuderia version. It’s a racing car. Scuderia is a word that means stable in Italian. When the word is used in English, it usually refers to Ferraris that are just one step away from being race legal.


This Ferrari is one of the cheaper Ferraris. It’s not as expensive as some other cars. But Michael really liked the car because it has a V8 engine and when you push a button, the top goes down. The 599 had more power, but it was not as comfortable as the other car.

248 F1 (His Last Ferrari F1)

Time takes a toll on us. So, in 2006, Schumacher drove his last year for Ferrari. This 248 was a really good car. It could not do the same things that other cars could in earlier years.

Mercedes GP F1 (His Last Team)

After a break, Michael came back and drove for Mercedes to finish his career. The cars had changed. When he began his career, they were not like this. The speaker was sad because the person in the story could not do what he had done before. Nonetheless, he liked the car so much that he took his personal car home and kept it.

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