15 Ugly Sports Cars With Massive Engines (That Are Too Beastly For Their Own Good)

When people think of sports cars, they usually think of fast cars with an engine that is in the front. Sports cars are either red or black. Luxury and innovation are two words that describe the company. Sports cars have a lot of appeals because they are designed to look good and also work well. And it’s when the car does not give you that sense of satisfaction that it loses its attraction.

If you plan on buying a sports car, spend at least $10,000. You want it to look like the price tag. 15 sports cars are not good. They are ridiculous. They might be made by people who do not care about things. This is a list of 15 cars that are not pretty, but have engines that are too fast for them to be safe.

Salica GTC

The performance of the Salica Gtc is good. It’s not pretty, but it does have a good performance. This car goes really fast. It can go as fast as 190 mph and it takes 3.2 seconds to go from 0-60 mph! Though this car seems like it has only one good thing, its toy car looks could fool some people. Not an appearance that would show someone to be very wealthy.

Panoz Abruzzi

A sports car is great to have in your garage. But there is a fine line between what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. The Panoz Abruzzi goes over that line, so it’s not good. At first, the car looked good. But then you looked closer and saw that the parts didn’t go well together. The side mirrors are too high up and they are small. The front end of the car is weird-looking.

The engine of this car though is a different story. This car is very fast. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and it can go up to 205 mph. It only takes a second for this car to make a U-turn because it has 640 horsepower. The car has a different look from other cars because of its exterior.

Lister Storm

The Lister Storm looks like the engineers tried to make it look boring, but they succeeded. For a $280,000 car, the Lister Storm has no appeal to it. It is not worth the money when you are paying more than what an average house costs in America.

The car has 546 horsepower. That means it will reach 60 mph in 4.1 seconds and go as fast as 208 mph. This car was the fastest four-seat grand tourer in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Jetstream SC250

It takes a lot of time to design and make sports cars. But the Jetstream SC250 looks like it was designed and made in just a few hours. You can tell that this car is a prototype from the way it looks. It doesn’t have all the important parts that make up a sports car, whether they are good looks or charisma.

The Jetstream is light, but it can go fast. The jetstream weighs about half as much as a sports car. It can go 165 mph.

Yamaha OX99-11

Yamaha is a company that makes both cars and motorcycles. They make good ones, but not as good as cars from brands like Honda and BMW. One-seater cars are not as good as other cars. For example, they have one seat and the design on the outside is not as good.

Ignoring the car’s ugly outside, it is actually very fast. The engine has a lot of power and can go 217 miles per hour. It goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds.

Covini C6W

You just have to wonder why the manufacturers thought it was a good idea to produce a six-wheel sports car. It doesn’t look very nice with all the bulky wheels on it. The car sells for a lot of money. It is $640,000. There is an extra pair of wheels that were not there before.

Lamborghini Marzal

The Marzal was not the best-looking sports car. It was made in 1967. With its poorly designed exterior and see-through sides, the car is something you’d wanna keep in your garage rather than show off to others.

As far as performance goes, the car was insane at the time. Able to reach a top speed of 118 mph, the Marzal was a monster on the road. Lamborghini has never let their fans down with the performance of their cars.

GDT Speedster

If it did not have its front end, it would not have been able to move. The GDT Speedster is a car that was not pretty. It looks like the plastic toy cars you push toddlers in.

The car is not a child. Its engine is not childish. It’s a strong and powerful car that can also be gentle. Reaching a top speed of 170 mph, the 1.47-ton car has 300 horsepower hidden in it.

Porsche Panamera

The four-wheeler is a little better than a race car. It looks like a race car that people can ride on. Even Matthias Mueller, Porsche CEO, told Australia’s Motoring in an interview, The people who made the car could have designed it better. They could have made both the inside and outside to be equal to the newer models of cars.

Regardless of the car’s cosmetics, it is still a Porsche. Porsche is known for is its overwhelming performance. The German car has a speed of 190 mph. It takes 3.6 seconds to go from zero to sixty miles an hour.

Ferrari Mondial 8

The Mondial 8 looks like a normal family car and is not very good. It does not look like an expensive car and has very bad paint. The price of this car is dependent on its engine. The Italian Horse has an engine worth 205 horsepowers. It is able to reach a top speed of 140 mph. It can do this in 7.7 seconds.

Mosler Raptor

There is a good reason the Mosler Raptor is considered America’s forgotten supercar. Many people think it looks like a junkyard car. This car looks like someone found some tin plates and stuck them together. It doesn’t have design or detail on the inside or outside. It is one of the least popular cars out there.

The motor is a part of a car that is good to examine and know about. This car can go as fast as 163 mph. It is able to go that fast because it is a powerful car. It also has a powerful engine, which makes it accelerate quickly. This means that it can start going really quickly, and then keep going for a long time after it starts going.

Mansory Cormeum

This car was almost off this list, but we had to include it because there are other good cars like it. Especially when we think about how many other beautiful cars Mansory has made. Despite the wing doors being a nice touch to the car, everything else seems mixed together.

The car has a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour. It performs very well too. This car has a powerful engine. The engine leads to fast acceleration. The 600-horsepower engine can lead to 3.7 seconds of acceleration.

Weber Faster One

The outside of this car is weird. It has a grille that does not look good. The inside is also dull and boring. The car’s color choice is not a good one. The colors don’t go well together.

The engine in the car is a good thing. It makes up for how bad the car looks. The engine is very powerful. It’s said to have the power of 1200 horses, and it can go 250 miles per hour. The car has a very fast acceleration, which means that it can go from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds.

Lotus Europa

This car looks like a hearse. It has bumpers, a hood, and a rear end. The Europa is a good day. The old-school headlights and the odd bumper make this car not worth paying top dollar for.

For a car that’s been around for over 50 years now, it sure has proved that it has had one of the best performing engines back in the days. The 1967 Europa managed to reach a top speed of 115 mph back then, making it one of the better-performing cars at the time.

Lamborghini Veneno

John Pearley Huffman said about the Veneno that it has everything that is bad in Italy. It is a show car with all of the cliches of Italian cars. It is expensive, but not very good.

A Lamborghini is a 3-million dollar car. There is a pleasant surprise under the hood that you can’t see. This car has 750 horsepower. The top speed is 221 mph and the acceleration is 2.8 seconds.

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