August 19, 2022

The Skoda Kodiaq seven-seater SUV just had its mid-life update that includes a newly-designed petrol RS range-topper, replacing the diesel model that is now in the past.

Although not revolutionary however, the MY22 modifications modernize the Czech brand’s competition to Hyundai Santa Fe Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-8 and CX-9, Toyota Kluger and the just-facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – among many other family-friendly offerings.

New design features include a revised grille, bonnet , and bumper design on the front, as well as the brand new Matrix LED headlights available as an alternative. There are also various wheel styles (on certain models) as well as a brand new rear bumper as well as LED tail lights that combine with scrolling indicators.

Inside there are seats that are updated and a brand new steering wheel and digital instrumentation sporting more appealing images than previously, ambient cabin lighting that extends to the footwells as well as new trim options stitch-work on the dashtop and the front of the car, the latest mobile phone charging and mirroring wirelessly.

In all Skoda has sold about 7,500 of its Kodiaqs across Australia from 2017 and at times , it was the most popular model in the range but not until 2021 or 2020. What do these changes mean for an excellent car better?

What is the cost of Skoda Kodiaq cost? Skoda Kodiaq cost?

Skoda offers a national drive-away price This is something we would like all manufacturers to take advantage of. Each State and Territory has their own tax structures, however Skoda can work to work around this.

There are three different specification grades that are able to be purchased with a variety of choices of extra-cost options. This can reduce the ease of the range, but helps keep costs low.

2022 Skoda Kodiaq pricing

  • Kodiaq 132TSI Style – $52,990
  • Kodiaq 132TSI Sportline – $57,990
  • Kodiaq 180TSI RS – $74,990

All prices are for drive-away

For a better understanding, the drive-away cost for that Hyundai Santa Fe line-up in Victoria ranges from about $50,000 to $71,500. The unhybrid range in the Kia Sorento range is between $58,790 and $68,990 while it is the Mazda CX-8 line-up is priced between $44,500 to $76,400 on the road.

The Skoda Kodiaq range is not like the other three. Skoda Kodiaq range is petrol and comes with all-wheel drive.

What are you going to get?

Be aware that due to the shortage of semiconductors, certain Kodiaqs are being shipped with minor spec differences and compensations, as explained in this article. The situation is constantly changing so make sure you double-check all information with your dealer.

The following breakdown of the spec is straight to Skoda Australia.

Kodiaq Style highlights:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Space-saver spare
  • The heated mirrors and power-folding mirrors are heated as well as heated.
  • Keyless entry and begin
  • A tailgate powered by electricity
  • Auto headlights and wipers, as well as automatic headlights.
  • Privacy glass and sun blinds for the rear of windows
  • LED headlights, Daytime LED running lights
  • Silver roof rails with chrome front grille
  • Door edge protectors
  • Roof rails
  • 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment
  • Satellite navigation
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • Wireless charging for smartphones
  • Virtual Cockpit digital instruments
  • Two USB-C ports x 2.
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Leather upholstery and leatherette
  • Tablet holders on the front backs
  • Ambient lighting in the interior and footwells

Kodiaq Sportline extras:

  • 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Design package that features black exterior trims
  • Auto-dimming mirrors on the exterior
  • Paddles for steering wheel
  • Sports seats made of leather and alcantara
  • Powerful, memory driver’s seat
  • Alcantara door panels
  • Driver’s seat that can be adjusted with power
  • Selection of the drive mode
  • Progressive tuning of the steering
  • Aluminium pedal caps
  • Performance monitor for cluster

Kodiaq RS adds:

  • 20-inch Aero wheels
  • Red brake calipers for red brakes
  • RS design package
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Control of the chassis and damping
  • Off-road mode
  • Tailgate with hands-free power
  • RS sports seats
  • The heated rear and front seats are heated.
  • Front seats with ventilation
  • Seats for passengers powered by electricity with memory
  • Carbon-style interior trim
  • 360-degree camera
  • Three-zone air-conditioning
  • Canton Sound system with 12 speakers
  • Monitoring blind-spots
  • Help with keeping track of the lane
  • Rear cross-traffic aid
  • Help with traffic jams
  • Assistance in an emergency

There are also a variety of extras that can be added available, some of which can be purchased separately and others that are packaged. We anticipate that a large portion of the imported vehicles to have some or all of these packages in line with the vehicles we tested during the national launch.

Tech Pack ($3000 on Style, $2900 on Sportline)

  • Control of the chassis with adaptive drive modes
  • Canton high-end sound system
  • Automatic parking assistance
  • Power tailgate with hands-free operation
  • Driving assistant for off-road mode
  • Sleeping package

Luxury Pack ($6500 on Style, $3700 on Sportline)

  • Matrix headlights with LEDs (Style)
  • Front seats powered with memory (Style)
  • Front seats with ventilation (Style)
  • Black leather seats with perforations (Style)
  • Auto-dimming outside mirrors (Style)
  • Heating of steering wheel paddles (Style)
  • Front and rear seats heated
  • 360-degree camera
  • Three-zone air-conditioning
  • Monitoring blind spots
  • Emergency assistance
  • Lane-keep assistance
  • Rear alert for crossing traffic
  • Traffic jam assistance

Are the Skoda Kodiaq is safe?

The Kodiaq is an Five-star ANCAP rating with an 2017 date stamp.

It was awarded an adult occupant safety score of 92 percent and a child occupant safety score of 77 percent and a pedestrian security score of 62 percent and an assist score of 54 percent.

Standard security attributes include:

  • Two front airbags
  • Airbags in the front side
  • Airbags on the rear side
  • Airbags on the side of the full-length curtain.
  • Airbags for the knee of the driver
  • Rear knee airbag
  • 2 3 ISOFIX and 3 top-tethering points
  • AEB (forward + reverse)
  • Control of the cruise with adaptive features
  • Driver attention monitoring
  • Reverse camera
  • Parking sensors for the front and rear

The models mentioned previously The Style and Sportline come with additional options like lane-keep assist blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning and both emergency and travel assistance as part of option packages. This is not ideal considering we are expecting these features in all cars at this price range as regular features.

What’s what is the Skoda Kodiaq like on the inside?

The colours, the seat patterns, trims and stitching styles are varied according to grade, inside, all interiors are the same. The 2022 update has recently modernized what’s an efficient and user-friendly space.

The product is well-constructed and has durable materials and touchpoints, as well as it felt like a rock-solid construction with no squeaks or rattles. It’s a bit too much of the dreaded black piano trim however it’s not the biggest offenders here.

The driver’s seat is well-padded and offer many adjustments. Likewise, the steering wheel of the latest design, that has a rolling dial and switches (rather than the fiddly trackpads of the VW style) is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

With a sunroof that was panoramic,, my 194cm-long frame offered plenty of front headroom, which isn’t something that most SUVs have.

The instrument cluster that has been digitalised features enhanced graphics and smooth processing that includes a variety of styles and colours to switch between. My top two choices included a large map view and an encapsulated speedo view that includes travel information and the remaining range as bookends.

The 9.2-inch center display isn’t nearly as large as the latest Hyundai-Kia models, but on the positive side, it features vibrant and flashy images, basic menu icons, and high processing power, which lets it load quickly, pairs up and responds.

The wireless charging pad as well as wireless mirroring of the phone performed flawlessly in our numerous test vehicles. This meant that I could leave the iPhone inside my bag and get CarPlay in operation when I got belted up.

Below the screen is an assortment of buttons and ventilation dials, as well as a set of buttons for door locks and cameras, stop/start and parking assistance. This is another example of simplicity in action.

The storage options include an open cubby that is located between the seats that has an adjustable height and reach armrest covers, bottle-friendly fabric-lined bins for the doors, a phone storage space under the fascia and two lidded stacked gloveboxes.

The doors are equipped with a highly-clever spring that pops open as you enter, protecting the door’s edge from damage and minimizing the damage you’ll be able to cause should you or someone else who is too eager to are able to open the door of an adjacent vehicle, for example.

Since it’s a Skoda car, umbrellas are available on the doors, and the back windows are fitted with retractable sun-blinds, which slide to the door. These little details are that make the brand known.

Other features in the back seat include bins lined with felt back vents, rear vents, and cup holders – however, strangely, there are they do not have USBs or the 12V port that is ready for an adaptor from an aftermarket. The Style includes handy tablet holders, however the top models featuring their stylish single-piece seats do not.

Middle-row space was sufficient for my frame to be in my driving preference which meant there was plenty of room for the kids and a bench that slide and reclines.

Access to the three-seater from the kerbside via pulling a clip that is atop the seatback on the left side, which can be tilted and slide the wider split portion.

The seats that are separately folded rearward are protected by airbags however they are only suitable for children and use on occasion. It’s more like a “5+2 rather than a seven-seater that is a constant fixture.

It’s not a problem considering how tiny the Kodiaq is. At 4697mm in length, it’s 113mm smaller than the Kia Sorento in length and 269mm less than the Toyota Kluger. However, its legroom and headroom in five-seater configuration is at a minimum comparable to even in some ways better.

As the gallery embed illustrates as shown in the gallery embed, 3 rows of seating fold to the floor when not being used, reducing the boot space from to 270L and up to 765L. Levers slide down the seats in the second row which increase capacity to over two cubic meters which is 2005L..

The boot is awash with useful features. They include a space beneath the floor of the loading area for an adjustable cargo blind that is connected by a sturdy pole as well as an emergency-only spare wheel (no spare wheel of the full size unfortunately) cargo netting and rear bag hooks and velcro-backed plastic pieces that function as bag-brackets.

What’s underneath the bonnet?

The Kodiaq Style and Sportline both feature a well-known 2.0-litre fuel engine with turbocharging producing 130kW or energy (3900 until 6000rpm) and the equivalent of 320Nm in force (1400 until 3940rpm).

The official zero-to-100km/h time is an impressive 8.4 minutes which is accompanied by a total energy consumption 8.2 millilitres per 100km using the ADR cycle, which is running at 95 RON of premium gasoline. In a marketplace where huge V6 engines for petrol are the norm the engine is quite efficient.

The RS also uses the Octavia R’s (and Golf GTI’s) 2.0-litre turbo-petrol that can produce power as high as 180 kW and torque as high as 350Nm (between 1600 to 4300rpm).

The official zero-to-100km/h speed will be 6.6 minutes and a combined usage of 7.5 Liters in 100 km using the ADR cycle, which is running 95 RON premium fuel , which is less than the 132TSI due to the fact that it’s not working as difficult.

Both engines are linked to the standard variable all-wheel drive instead of having a front-drive option for entry with both using seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automated one – the RS with paddle shifters as well as manual mode. Each of the three grades is designed to carry 2500kg.

It’s worth noting that the prior facelifted Kodiaq RS came instead with the 2.0-litre dual-turbo diesel motor, which has 500Nm of torque. It also has an accelerated 7.0-second speed to 100km/h, but a better 6.2L/100km ADR fuel economy. If you’re looking for an easy diesel engine, it’ll doubt be not be missed.

What is the Skoda Kodiaq be driven?

While the basic 2.0-litre fuel engine with turbocharging boasting 130kW may not appear to be all that strong, its massive 320Nm torque from close to idle guarantees an adequate take-off and a good pulling for overtaking, and an excellent dose of refinement.

Even though it uses high-end fuels, the engine is quite efficient. This use of DSG was smooth and easy to use. In the same way, since the fact that the smaller Karoq is equipped with the 140TSI engine It’s not surprising that an smaller engine is employed in a larger car.

The RS’s additional 48kW and 50Nm boosts it however, the increased size of the Kodiaq mean it’s not as slammy as Golf GTI.

While I made some tests in the entry-level model, I ran about 800km in the Kodiaq RS and used an average of 7.4L/100km which means I drove all the way back to Melbourne from the southern region of Sydney using a tank that had 10km of indicated range left.

The different driving modes won’t give you a huge workout, but with Sport it’s possible that the DSG shifts faster in the braking area, especially under acceleration. The only time that I needed more power was when I drove up a long and steep hill, not because there was a slow speed, but due to the badge that says ‘RS’ hints to more.

Although the demand for diesel engines has waned but the slashed 500Nm bi-turbo oil burner of the former RS was a simple transporter that many people will be missing. Perhaps a little slower but certainly more powerful with the power of low-end pullers.

The steering dynamically is soft and unresistive until you switch the car into a sporty mode. The performance on bumpy or cobbled streets is affected to a certain extent by the standard-sized wheels on tyres with low profile. It’s not brittle or crashy and is just solid.

The Kodiaq is much smaller in comparison to its 4.7m length when driving dynamically and has a wagon-like body control and quick response to inputs. It definitely doesn’t perform like barges, even though it’s seven-seater.

The adaptive damping is just one of the features that motoring journalists love that makes the car feel more secure and more stable on turns in dynamic mode as well as relaxing in comfort mode, but without ever driving an Kodiaq using passive dampers, I can’t honestly say how beneficial the setup can be.

What I can say is that my commute of eight hours in the RS with 20-inch wheels was an incredibly peaceful and comfortable ride and my back was feeling great on the following day.

The driver assistance suite’s Travel Assist mode that combines with the active aid for keeping lane and an active cruise controller and has the ability to slow down the car in the event that you do not follow the instructions to start steering after a short time and worked flawlessly.

However, the fact this feature along with blind-spot detection, cost extra for all other functions, barring the RS is not adequate, in the least.

What’s the price of it cost to run the Skoda Kodiaq cost to run?

All Skodas are covered by an five-year, unlimited-kilometre guarantee and roadside assistance that is renewed each time a dealer service is offered.

You can purchase a variety of pre-paid maintenance plans to keep the cost lower and Skoda is willing to talk about how their cars are reasonably priced to maintain, despite being European.

The intervals for service range from 12 months to 15,000km and the cost is 1800$ (Style or Sportline) or $2000 (RS) for five visits for seven visits, or $2700/$2900 for seven.

As is the norm the service packs include scheduled routine maintenance, the top-up of engine oil discs and brake pads as well as batteries, wiper blades and wheel balancing, or alignment.

Skoda Australia also sells maintenance subscription plans that calculate prices by your average mileage. These plans can be purchased for just the necessities of servicing or you can purchase a comprehensive plan that bundles everything running (bar gasoline) into one monthly installment.

If I listed all of the pricing breakdowns on this page, it would take forever to list them all, but for a sense of perspective, a Complete Plan costs $59.50 per month for the first three years , and one hundred dollars per month following that.

Overall, Skoda is to be highly commended for providing a great level of clarity and ease of use in relation to servicing for dealers.

CarExpert’s Take on the Skoda Kodiaq

Its 2022 Kodiaq update has just the right amount of modernization so that it can remain one of the favorite three-row SUVs modern.

While it is a bit more reliant on choices a little more than we’d prefer, it doesn’t come with an old-fashioned 500Nm diesel, and has a tiny third row It’s still a luxurious-feeling and well-built, intelligently engineered and a pleasant to drive European family bus for an affordable price.

It might not be the most prestigious brand name however, the Skoda ought to be at the top of your list.

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