3 wheels punctured in a year, two of which were scrapped

Took the Kia ProCeed station wagon last year. After running 20,000 km, I can give an objective assessment of this model. Prior to that, he drove an ordinary second-generation Sid station wagon, took it when he was three and skated it for another three years without any problems.

On the new ProSid, the small ground clearance is embarrassing – only 15 cm, so you have to choose roads and convenient passages. After wintering, the trunk opening button stuck, the problem was eliminated in the center, the reason was poorly adjusted traction.

KIA ProCeed

Review of KIA ProCeed GT Line 1.4 (140 HP) 2019

The salon is very harmonious, well-defined ergonomics, perfectly matched upholstery materials, high-quality, medium-soft plastic – everything is elegant and tasteful. Very comfortable seats, the driver’s seat is adjustable in three directions, good visibility. There are all the comfort options, like the heated steering wheel, quick windshield cleaning, pleasant-to-touch selector lever and switches.

At the same time, here I do not have a trunk lift, parking sensors and turning lights. It seems like a trifle, but in the last generation they were. The volume of the trunk is slightly less than on a regular station wagon, due to the bevel of the rear door, but there is enough space, there is an option to pack bulky cargo.

KIA ProCeed

A very big minus of the new station wagon is disgusting media, nothing can be set up intuitively, everything is very confusing. The screen is large, but black and white, unnecessary radio stations are sewn in. Navigation is available only through Android Car, there are only Google maps, which are not informative for our region in general (Novosibirsk). I also found shortcomings – the rear seat fasteners were poorly tightened, after the first hundred kilometers in the cabin, a knock from behind became clearly audible, they were eliminated under warranty.

The engine-box duo on the car is clearly synchronized and tuned: the 7-speed “robot” is ideally suited to the 1.4-liter 140-horsepower turbocharged unit. The first 3,000 km were not very comfortable, while the run-in was in progress, the box was a little dull, but after 5,000 everything fell into place – the response was accurate, accelerated very quickly, and gave decent acceleration.

After 20,000 kilometers, ProSid proved to be excellent, minor flaws do not count, the engine works smoothly, the consumption is kept at the level of 9 liters of the combined cycle, there is no oil. It is a pleasure to drive a car, it keeps the track perfectly, and at a speed of 150 km / h you do not need to steer, it clearly enters the turns.

The suspension is a little harsh, but I like it that way. The low profile of the tread also affects the rigidity. The most important problem for the year – I punctured three wheels, and two with a side cut, and this is immediately for scrap. The reason is in the wide profile and quality of the roads, but I still don’t plan to change shoes. In general, I am very pleased with the car. I will change the media and that’s it – there are no more complaints about the assembly and the quality of the parts.

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