A Chelyabinsk citizen bought a used UAZ Patriot under the guise of a new one: I had to go to court

In two thousand and eighteenth, a Chelyabinsk resident named Dmitry bought an UAZ Patriot SUV at a car dealership. Allegedly, a man bought a new car of the 2016 model at a good discount, paying 898,000 rubles.

The motorist recalls that the dealer dropped the price by 100,000 rubles at once, justifying this by the fact that the SUV had been in the warehouse for two years. However, it later turned out that the car was not new at all. Moreover, all this time it was in extreme operation.

UAZ Patriot

Having bought an SUV, Dmitry immediately noticed the presence of traces of clay on the roof and a badly skewed steering wheel, and after 5,000 km, the second gear synchronizer flew out of the car.

In the future, even more problems surfaced, and the owner had to contact the dealer over and over again under warranty. As a result, over time, it was necessary to repair the fuel pump, parking sensors, rear view camera, multimedia system, both propeller shafts, front door, steering knuckle, wheel bearing and hub, gearbox synchronizer (twice) and headlights (twice).

Some time ago, on the allegedly new Patriot bought in the salon, beats and knocks in the gearbox, as well as squeaks during braking, also began to be observed, but this time the dealer refused to provide warranty repairs to the owner.

Dmitry immediately sent a pre-trial claim to UAZ, but the manufacturer ignored it, so the case went to court. In the course of an independent examination, it turned out that the purchased car has many defects.

UAZ Patriot

After reviewing the results of the examination, the court ruled that the owner has every right to terminate the sale and purchase agreement, since, in addition to significant ones, there is an unrecoverable defect on the car, while every year, due to regular breakdowns, the car cannot be operated for at least 30 days.

Thus, Dmitry managed to win a total of 1.6 million rubles. This amount includes the cost of a new SUV in a similar configuration, the price of additional equipment installed on the car (50,000 rubles) and maintenance at the dealer (58,000 rubles), as well as a fine in favor of the client, the amount of which was 200,000 rubles.

UAZ representatives did not dispute the court decision and paid the specified sum of money to Dmitry. Interestingly, with the money received, the motorist has already bought a new Lada Vesta Cross.

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