A great car for a young family without children: for young animals, too

I took a car in the cabin, switched to a Mazda CX-30 with RAV 4 and so far the impressions of the car are all positive, although the mileage is nothing at all – 1,000 km. I really like the gray shade – the corporate color of the crossover is red, but on the gray, the lining is practically invisible and, most importantly, the drips of dirt, so it seems that the car is always clean.

A big plus for the crossover is excellent seats, the driver’s seat is moderately soft, comfortably adjusts to the figure, armrests, stops – everything is on the level. Good factory soundproofing, you can hear only yourself in the cabin. I liked the stable operation of all systems, the good information content of navigation and media.

Review of Mazda CX-30 2.0 (150 HP) AT 2021

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The only thing that I have not yet understood is how to turn on the headlight washer. I think this is not a problem, and I will figure it out over time. Of the shortcomings, I note a small salon; two tall adults will not be comfortable on the back sofa.

The trunk is very small – only a stroller fits and that’s it. If you fold the rear seats, you can transport something larger. The main drawback that Mazda CX-30 noticed is that it is inconvenient to wash the windshield, not a single scraper or brush gets through the loopholes near the mirrors, smudges are visible.

The dynamics of acceleration is impressive – the motor for 150 “horses” is enough with the head, excellent handling, it enters the turns clearly, you don’t even need to slow down. On the track, the speed is not felt. If it were not for the projection on the front, you might not notice that the speed is more than 170 km / h.

The off-road qualities that commercials describe in this way are not an option at all for a cross-coupe. There is only front-wheel drive and average ground clearance, so the car drives through a light snowy mess, heavy snow passes, although it puffs very much. If you get into a rut, you feel like ice hits the bottom. But there is a factory protection, so I’m not very worried, the eyebrows move perfectly. In general, a crossover is an excellent choice for the city.

Of the shortcomings in the handling of the model, I note that the crossover does not have very good aerodynamics: on the track, with a slight wind, the car rolls strongly, almost blows off the road. The wind wave is felt from the passing trucks.

In general, the Mazda CX-30 is a great car for a young family without children or as a second car for a wife and child. In the salon, everyone is comfortable, in terms of price-quality ratio there are no analogues on the market, so I am very pleased with the purchase.

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