A New Compact Crossover Has Appeared In The Manufacturer’s Lineup

The Koreans presented the serial KIA Sonet SUV, a concept version of which was shown to the public at the February Auto Expo 2020 in New Delhi. Outwardly, the off-road vehicle, ready for sale, turned out to be almost an exact copy of the show car, although it had traditional door handles and mirror housings installed.

The subcompact crossover features eye-catching silver accents in the front and rear bumpers, as well as black wheel arch liners and sills. Plus, it has small LED headlights and the same lights, the latter being connected by a light strip.

KIA Sonet

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The model also features a tightly knit silhouette with 16-inch alloy wheels, sculpted sidewalls and a black roof. In addition, the numerous accents of red in a circle draw attention to themselves.

The interior of the new 2021 Kia Sonnet has a “leather” trim with red stitching and boasts a large 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia system, which is visually aligned with the 4.0 ″ dashboard.

KIA Sonet

Interestingly, a voice control system is offered for the car, with which you can control the climate control settings and entertainment functions, as well as lower / raise the window, view the weather forecast, etc. In addition, the car is equipped with advanced navigation capable of plotting a route in real time, focusing on information about traffic jams.

In general, the equipment of the new KIA Sonet is quite rich. For example, the crossover has atmospheric LED interior lighting, front seat ventilation and six airbags. At the same time, the options include a Bose audio system with seven speakers and a subwoofer, wireless charging for a smartphone with a special cooling function, remote engine start, a two-level air purification system, as well as front and rear parking sensors.

KIA Sonet

The new body of the Kia Sonnet 2021 model year is built on the same platform on which the previously presented Hyundai Venue SUV is based, and the line of power units of the model is represented by a 1.0-liter “turbo-triple” T-GDI, a 1.2-liter aspirated and 1.5 -litre CRDi diesel engine.

The transmission offers a five- and six-speed mechanics, a seven-band robot, as well as an iMT box, which previously debuted on European models of the Korean brand. It is interesting that the latter does not have a mechanical connection between the pedal and the clutch, which means that the driver only gives a command to the actuator. However, gear shifting is still done manually here.

Without exception, all versions of the new Kia Sonnet model have exclusively front-wheel drive, although the model has a special “off-road” mode, when activated, special settings of the traction control system are activated.

Note that the Kia Sonet SUV was developed specifically for the Indian market, but over time, this crossover will appear in other countries. The Koreans will launch the model at the Indian enterprise Anantapur, but the cost of the car has not yet been advertised.

KIA Sonet

KIA Sonet

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