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After 10,000 mileage, I can give an objective assessment of the KIA Rio X-Line in the Premium configuration. A record thousand passed in less than 3 months: there were both long trips and frequent movements around the city. The overall assessment of the model is excellent, but first things first.

The only drawback that I found in the entire appearance and layout of the body is a weak paintwork. My previous models Sorento and ix35 had significantly better paint quality. Here, after three months, scuffs are visible, chips are removed poorly, there is no required paint thickness. Was saved by the armor film, which immediately pasted over the front, doors and fenders.

Review of Kia Rio X-Line 1.6 AT 2017

Reflector headlights in the configuration are not just bad, but disgusting – either you need to take it or reinstall it to bi-halogen. They shine steadily, the beam is not scattered. It is a pity that the life of such a headlamp is no more than a year.


I’ll start with the cons. Very soft plastic lining, and scratches appear instantly. But in the cabin, as a driver, it is very comfortable for me, and there is much less fatigue than in Sorento. I like the ergonomics: everything is at hand, the buttons and levers are thoughtfully installed – you don’t get confused in anything. The torpedo, one might say, is beautiful, it is pleasant for the eyes to look at the panel, there are no abrupt and unnatural color transitions, plus nothing distracts.

Noise isolation on the Rio X-Line is rather weak, sounds from the arches are especially critical, all wheel movements are audible in the cabin. It is necessary to do something – the child wakes up with such a noise and can no longer fall asleep. The child seat is installed as in the premium class – clear, practical and safe.

The trunk is medium in size, and if you go on a business trip alone, there is enough space. If you go out of town without spending the night, then the trunk holds everything you need, but if you are with your family for a couple of days, then there will be little space.

Motor and chassis

The fuel consumption of the KIA Rio X-Line is different – it all depends on the speed, I got both 6.0 and 7.5 liters. The highest consumption, of course, is in the city – there are 11, if there are frequent traffic jams and quickly accelerate. The dynamics of acceleration, of course, are modest – it is foolish to expect power from a 1.6-liter Korean engine with automatic transmission, which, moreover, is strangled by firmware under the Euro 5 emission protocol.

But the engine works out its 123 “horses” stably, does not choke in third gear, accelerates well, does not go to the side. I will check the catalyst no earlier than after 30,000 mileage – cut it out or reinstall it, I’ll decide on the fly.

The suspension on the Rio X-Line is quite adequate – not hard, but not soft either, the golden mean. Due to this, it steers well, the average depth of the pit goes with a bang, does not throw and does not hit the rear spring, especially with a clearance of 195 on 16-inch tires, you can easily cross the average off-road. You always need to enter the turns, slowing down strongly. If on the move, the roll is ensured, and such a non-standard buildup can be frightening – especially since it rides very stably along the highway.

In general, the car is very practical for both daily trips and long-distance business trips. And if you take into account the five-year warranty, cost, low fuel consumption and fairly high cross-country characteristics, the car is just great.

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