After Lexus experienced euphoria: it’s just another planet

Previously, I mostly drove “Japanese”. The last car Lexus GX 460 has been in operation for five years, and it’s time to change it. “The Japanese” are bored. Of course, they are reliable, brutal and solid, but I wanted something more technological, modern and premium.

In our region, the Range Rover Sport in the back of the 494 is far from a popular option, but I liked it immediately both outside and inside. On the first trip I felt euphoria, probably because of the turbodiesel after all the gasoline engines. Now I’m ready to talk about this car without emotion.

Review of Range Rover Sport 3.0D (392 HP) 2015

Author: sergeiship

The Range Rover is very tight, but not rigid on the road, which, in my opinion, is very good. The controls are comfortable and responsive. On a stable steering wheel, there are no jolts, kickbacks and bumps on any road, which is quite unusual after the frame.

But at large joints, the Lexus was still softer and more comfortable. Although I liked the suspension on the Range. I did not immediately learn about the Speaker mode and its properties. He actually changes the car: he just put pressure on the gas, the tachometer needle immediately takes off, the speed imperceptibly reaches 80 km / h.

Because of my unusualness, I rarely use this mode. And it is better not to turn this engine to the very top, the crankshafts do not like such powerful loads. I will often change the oil with the correct tolerance.

In winter, in Auto mode, the car monitors the quality of the road surface and selects the appropriate driving mode. It is worth turning off this option, and the car drives differently, albeit with all-wheel drive. Then I learned that the “Speaker” and “Auto” modes, as well as the rear differential lock are the privileges of expensive configurations.

Although the sound insulation in the car is good (one double-glazed window is worth a lot!), But this seemed to me not enough, and I additionally processed all the doors. The next step – “Shumka” wheel arches and trunk.

Range Rover Sport has a lot of options that I have not encountered before. For example, automatic switching of low / high beam. Very comfortable on the track! But as for monitoring “blind” zones, it seemed to me that this is more of a marketing ploy. Sometimes this feature helps and sometimes it doesn’t.

The downside is multimedia. Compared to Lexus, it does not stand up to criticism! It’s a pity, I noticed this moment late. Perhaps then I would have chosen a car of a different year of manufacture. It’s a shame, because the car is positioned as high-tech.

In general, I liked the Range Rover Sport, although after the lapse of time, when the first euphoria passed, I note that there is nothing transcendental in it – this is the same machine, made by human hands, although, of course, modern and technological. I have already managed to ride it and repair it, including on the lift, which gave me some knowledge.

Together with the car I bought two used front air struts, but almost new (mileage 16,000 km), wishbones from the same car, new original front brake discs (Brembo) and a complete set of brake pads. In case of a sudden repair, it will come in handy.

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