almost all problems were solved in restyling

Traveled by Duster for the last 6 years. I was looking for a worthy replacement, in the end I chose the 2020 Renault Kaptur. According to reviews, the manufacturer has eliminated all the flaws of the pre-styling version. After the first thousand run I give an objective assessment of the new SUV.

I will not write about the appearance – everything is for an amateur. I love the stylish, streamlined roof and bumper pattern. Quite good LED optics, the high beam does not blind oncoming people, gives a powerful white beam for 100 meters, the near one adequately illuminates the side of the road and the road ahead.

Review of Renault Kaptur 2020

Review of Renault Kaptur 1.3 (150 HP) CVT 4WD 2020

The cabin has a very comfortable fit, good rear visibility due to the correct tilt of the struts. The chair is comfortable – you can adjust the seat and steering wheel for yourself, there is enough reach so that both legs and arms are comfortable.

The cabin has the necessary equipment: the cruise control works well and quickly, the “climate” is reliable, there is a heated steering wheel and a rear view camera. Multimedia needs to be rebuilt and something more modern should be installed. Music, let’s be honest, at three with a minus. The upholstery is textile, dense material, pleasant to the touch and well-sewn.

Review of Renault Kaptur 2020

Of the shortcomings, I will immediately note the navigator. It is included in the package bundle, but in fact it is not there – the cards are outdated, there is no clear understanding of what you want from it, a useless thing. But I was pleased with the factory sound insulation – a very worthy option, in the cabin you can hardly hear anything from the outside.

Managing the new Capture is a pleasure. There are no jolts in the steering wheel, kicks when moving holes and breakdowns at speed. The shock absorbers are moderately tough, but they inspire confidence. After restyling, the car received the best aerodynamic performance, at a speed of 140 km / h there is no windage, the crossover keeps the track like a glove.

Also, after restyling, the new Renault Kaptur received a fast and economical 1.3-liter turbo engine, with an average fuel consumption of about 7 liters. Hence the excellent acceleration, the power remains for overtaking at speeds of 120 km / h. This was a pleasant surprise, because on Duster you will think three hundred times more whether to go for high-speed overtaking or not.

The variator works well, I did not notice any problems with speed delay and failures. Clear synchronization at any speed. You can confidently accelerate and overtake on a narrow road. I am very pleased with the purchase – for modest money the French this time provided a good car with a reliable engine, assembled suspension and a very decent interior filling.

Review of Renault Kaptur 2020

Review of Renault Kaptur 2020


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