and why is it better than the BMW 7-series

To begin with, it should be said that I chose the car as a workhorse. Volkswagen Arteon was in the right price segment. In this review I will tell you about my impressions of this car.

Before that, I had a 2016 BMW 7-series G11. Of course, this is a good car, comfortable, roomy, highly technical, and most importantly – expensive. But … well, she did not evoke any emotions in me. I wanted to get some kind of drive, euphoria for this money, but this was not. From the moment of purchase to sale, my heart never skipped a beat, everything was so quiet and even. Of course, this is my subjective opinion.

Review of VW Arteon

Review of VW Arteon 2.0 (280 HP) DSG 4Motion 2017

And here I have a Volkswagen. Of course, there is no particular enthusiasm about this car either, but I didn’t count on that, because VW Arteon costs half as much as BMW’s “seven”.

Nevertheless, Arteon is worth its money, I realized that right away. Despite the fact that the passport states that this car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds, in fact it is an ordinary, calm ride on a car with a 2.0-liter engine up to 2,000 rpm. But when you turn on the turbo mode, the ride becomes much more interesting.

It is clear that all horsepower is not immediately available, but this is not particularly important. Actually, nothing else was expected. On the track, the engine in combination with the gearbox behaves perfectly. On my two-liter little car, I can easily break away from the stream of cars. The cabin is as quiet as the BMW, and sometimes I forgot that I had already changed the car.

Also pleased with the fuel consumption. It’s great that the difficult 300-horsepower sedan on the highway at a speed of 160 km / h consumes only 8 liters of gasoline, and in the city – 11 liters. I repeat that, if necessary, he can “shoot”.

Review of VW Arteon

On the little things, I can add that a good multimedia system is included in the basic configuration of the VW Arteon. The acoustics are fine with me, so there was no question of replacing it. The salon is upholstered with a pleasant to the touch leatherette, that is, as they say now, eco-leather.

Of course, the wheel diameter of 19 inches is not enough, but even this fact did not spoil the picture, since the car on such wheels goes through all the irregularities and small holes on the roads imperceptibly.

But most of all I was pleased that the car perfectly fits both the urban rhythm and the rhythm of the track – the ride is light and relaxed, there are no rolls or breakdowns in the chassis. All-wheel drive adds confidence on the road.

But of course there were some drawbacks. Among them, I will mention the following: firstly, I did not really like the design with a claim to sporty style, which the manufacturer emphasized with the R patch and ridiculous inserts that imitate carbon. Secondly, this car does not have a very good view, and thirdly, for me, with my height of 186 cm, the landing turned out to be extremely uncomfortable. But nothing, you can get used to everything.

Review of VW Arteon

I will say again that sometimes I confuse my new Volkswagen with my old BMW. I only remember which car I’m in when I see the VW symbol on the steering wheel. Agree, it says a lot. If you evaluate the car on a five-point system, then I give Arteon a solid five.

In the end, I proved to myself and, I hope, to you, that you can get a very good car for a reasonable price. I have never regretted buying a VW Arteon! If you, like me, are imbued with this model, then I can advise you to take a car in the R line with a large monitor and the most sophisticated navigation.

Review of VW Arteon


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