autopilot, microwave oven, cameras instead of mirrors

On December 13, 2019, the Kama Automobile Plant celebrated its 50th anniversary. The company decided to mark the round date by showing the conceptual truck KamAZ-54907 “Continent”, which is designed to demonstrate how the main Russian-made tractors will look like in the near future.

Interestingly, the prototype received a cockpit from the new KamAZ-54901, the serial production of which should start in 2020. The latter belongs to the K5 family of trucks, while the presented concept is a kind of teaser for the K6 line.


KAMAZ Continent received a different cab lining and original aerodynamic covers that cover the chassis on the sides and rear, so that from the side the truck is perceived as a single whole.

The prototype sports adaptive LED headlights and dynamic direction indicators, while the truck does not have standard side mirror housings – instead, the concept uses dust and moisture-resistant cameras built into the front pillars, the picture from which is broadcast to the displays in the cabin.


The Continent’s cockpit has only one driver’s seat, while two large displays are installed on the front panel. The one on the left serves as the dashboard, while the 15.5-inch touchscreen in the center controls most of the car’s functions, including music and navigation.

Another display is built directly into the steering wheel of the tractor, while the monitors on which the picture from the cameras is displayed are located along the edges of the cab. Interestingly, the on-board electronics of the car is partially powered by solar panels built into the roof of the concept.


The concept truck has a comfortable berth, microwave, multicooker and refrigerator. Plus, there was a place in the cockpit for a washbasin with a mirror, as well as a safe with a combination lock. In addition, the list of equipment includes a driver’s fatigue control system and the so-called “alco lock”, which must be breathed into before driving.

A complex of electronic assistants is called upon to facilitate the hard work of a trucker, including adaptive cruise control, an automatic braking system and a lane control function with a safe distance from the vehicle in front. “Smart” electronics are able to recognize road signs, while on the highway the autopilot of the third level can partially take control of the car.


The KamAZ-54907 “Continent” is driven by a hybrid power plant with a turbodiesel of the new P6 family and an electric motor. The automaker has not yet disclosed its technical characteristics. But the company reports that the average fuel consumption of a 30-ton road train is 25 liters per 100 km of run, that is, an electrified concept is 17% more economical than conventional Russian-made trucks.

Note that a tractor can also travel a short distance (several tens of kilometers) on electric traction alone. Representatives of KamAZ said that the development of the model has been carried out for more than five years, while the serial version of the Continent may appear in 2024 or 2025.

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