AvtoVAZ will stop developing new Lada: ahead of unification with Dacia

At the end of the spring of the twentieth year, Renault adopted a new development plan, but in July the brand changed its top manager – Luca de Meo, who previously worked at Seat, became the head of the concern.

Apparently, he had different views on the future of Renault, since on January 14, two thousand and twenty-one, the company presented a new development strategy called “Renaulution”.


According to the published plan, the Russian brand Lada, which is part of the Renault Group, will be merged with the Romanian brand Dacia. This step seems quite logical, since both companies produce simple and inexpensive models.

By the way, unification in Renault’s plan means complete unification. At the moment, Lada and Dacia use four platforms for two, while in the arsenal of the Russian brand there are three “carts” at once (for Granta, Vesta and Niva), while the French build their cars on the B0 chassis and its variations.

At the same time, the AvtoVAZ model accounts for only a quarter of the total sales of the two brands, so optimization is planned. By 2025, the mentioned “carts” will be abandoned, and all new Lada and Dacia will be based on the modular CMF-B platform, which is already used on the new generation Dacia Logan / Sandero presented earlier.

In parallel, the total number of models and body types will be reduced (from 18 to 11), while the total production of the two brands should exceed a million cars per year.


The implementation of the announced plan means that in the next four years AvtoVAZ will have to abandon a number of outdated models, namely the current Grants and both Nivs (Travel and Legend). Plus, the company will be forced to curtail production of the quite successful and popular Vesta.

After the transition to the CMF-B “bogie”, the Russian company’s own engineering will be reduced to the creation of superstructures for the French platform in order to adapt the machines to Russian operating conditions.

According to the Renaulution strategy, in 2021 and 2022 under the Lada brand, which is characterized in terms of the phrase “Rough & Tough”, no truly new model will be released, and the debut of two B models is scheduled for 2023. -class. Apparently, we are talking about a new Grant, which will be presented in two versions at once.

In two thousand and twenty-fourth, the Lada model range will add another B-class car – it will be a Niva SUV in a new body, and a year later we should expect the appearance of a C-class crossover. Note that all new items will be based on the “French” platform.

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