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Bugatti has prepared a real surprise for the 2018 Pebble Beach Elegance Competition – a hypercar called Divo, the appearance of which the manufacturer managed to keep from the very opening of the event.

Technically, it was clear from the very beginning that the new Bugatti Divo (photo and price) is a Chiron model in a new “wrapper”. On the one hand, in fact, it turned out to be so, but on the other hand, the volume of alterations turned out to be very impressive.

Bugatti Divo

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It uses the same chassis and engine as on the Chiron – we are talking about the mighty 8.0-liter W16 with four turbines, producing 1,500 “horses” and 1,600 Nm of torque. At the same time, the maximum speed of the Divo turned out to be even slightly lower – it is electronically limited at around 380 km / h.

But the company says that, unlike the Chiron, the new Bugatti Divo should become more agile in corners, the engineer tried to give the car sharper handling, while driving in a straight line in order to achieve a record maximum speed was not a priority in the development of the model.

Salon Bugatti Divo

To achieve this goal, the designers paid maximum attention to the aerodynamics of the hypercar, plus they managed to slightly reduce the weight of the coupe, improve cooling, and in the end they made certain adjustments to the suspension and steering settings.

As a result, a completely original body was developed for Bugatti Divo, each element of which has a functional role in the work of aerodynamics – the Italians also did a similar job for their Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Hypercar Bugatti Divo

Unlike the original, there is a completely different front bumper with enlarged side air intakes, and the trunk lid and front fenders have got air ducts. Also, the head optics have undergone a complete revision – from now on, narrow 35 mm headlights with special animation are installed on the car.

The so-called NASA air duct appeared on the roof of the hypercar, the 1.83 meter wide rear spoiler turned out to be 23% larger than on the Chiron, a quartet of exhaust pipes was registered in the center of the converted diffuser, and the taillights are a set of 44 separate LED sections …

Among other things, the Bugatti Divo has exclusive design rims, there are special fins in the front wheel area, air intakes in the rear area, two-tone tires and a French flag on the sidewalls.

The interior architecture has remained the same, except that it flaunts a unique trim scheme of two-tone Alcantara in Divo Gray and Divo Racing Blue, as well as the absence of a storage compartment for small items in the center console and doors.

New Bugatti Divo 2019

All this, coupled with lightweight wheels and an audio system, a carbon fiber intercooler cover and a reduced amount of soundproofing, reduced the weight of the car by 35 kg. True, a slightly more well-fed driver or passenger is at once able to neutralize all the work done.

The redesigned aerodynamics on the new Bugatti Divo model are capable of generating up to 456 kilograms of downforce (90 kg more than on the Chiron), and the maximum lateral g-force has increased from 1.5 to 1.6 g. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h has not yet been specified, but for sure it does not differ much from the source – Chiron does it in 2.4 seconds.

But the company specified that the Divo hypercar overcomes the circle on the Nardo test range eight seconds faster than the Shiron. By the way, the car got its name in honor of the French racer Albert Divo, who twice won the Targa Florio for the factory team in a Bugatti Type 35 B.

And now about the money: only 40 copies of the Bugatti Divo coupe will be built, the price of each starts at € 5,000,000 (~ $ 5.8 million or about 376 million rubles excluding taxes). And you would be absolutely right if you assume that they are all already sold out. There is no doubt that in the future, the value of the Divo will only grow.


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