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A video dedicated to the tuned Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140) has appeared on the Instagram page “Typical Kislovodsk”. The owner of this car is a 27-year-old local named Zaur. The man said that he was carried away by customizing cars during his school years and, using the example of this Mercedes, he was finally able to make his old dream come true.

Interestingly, the modified Lada 2108 became Zaur’s first serious project. The man modified it, inspired by the stance style, the obligatory attributes of which are the maximum lowered suspension and wheels set at an extraordinary angle.

S-Class W140 VIP

By the way, Zaur’s “eight” was a success and liked the owner of the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz W140, and so much so that he decided to exchange the “German” for a domestic Lada. Zaur did not refuse such a tempting offer, since he had long had a passion for the S-class.

So in the hands of a self-taught tuner, the aforementioned Merce turned out to be, however, before starting to refine it, Zaur had to spend almost a year to bring the car into a proper condition. The fact is that the used car was in rather bad condition, so first it had to be overhauled.

S-Class W140 VIP

And only then the transformation of Mercedes began, for which Zaur spared neither his own time nor money. The man called his modification “VIP”, while the appearance of the car turned out to be quite controversial, so many fans of the German classics criticized the project to smithereens.

Like the Lada 2108, the German sedan received a lowered suspension and wide 19-inch wheels mounted at an angle. In addition, the car has got an appropriate body kit. The latter was purchased in the USA for about 100,000 rubles, while its delivery to Kislovodsk cost another 115,000 rubles.

S-Class W140 VIP

The man spent another 235,000 rubles on expanding the wheel arches and adjusting the body kit components. Plus, do not forget about the overhauled suspension (in the region of 50,000 rubles).

So, in the process of alteration, the rear five-link received four new levers, while two front suspension levers were custom-made specifically for this machine. During the tuning process, the car was left without stabilizers and received new stiffer springs.

However, even despite the work done, Zaur still considers the sedan’s suspension to be too soft and is afraid to drive a car on unfamiliar roads, since any breakdown can cause significant damage to the wheel arches.

At the moment, the project Mercedes-Benz W140 VIP is still far from complete. The author of the modification promises to eliminate the existing shortcomings and next year go by car to Poland. Such a trip should become a kind of stress test for the car.

S-Class W140 VIP

S-Class W140 VIP

S-Class W140 VIP

Photo http://bloknot-stavropol.ru and lowdaily.ru

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