Cadillac Ct4 2020 – Photo And Price, Characteristics Of The New Model Cadillac Ct4

In May 2019, Cadillac introduced the successor to the ATS model – the CT4 sedan, and then the American brand showed only a top-end modification called “CT4-V”. The other three versions of the model (Luxury, Premium and Sport) were declassified only in September 1919 – just before the start of mass production of the model.

Cadillac CT4 2020 in Luxury and Premium Luxury versions can be distinguished from all others by the presence of chrome decor. In turn, the Sport version has black decor, a different front bumper, a fine-mesh radiator grille and a neat spoiler on the trunk lid.

2020 Cadillac CT4

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Depending on the equipment, the car can be delivered on 17- or 18-inch wheels, the design of which differs from one version to another. In general, the outward appearance of the new Cadillac CT4 in profile resembles the previous ATS, but there are different head optics with branded DRL sections “flowing down” to the bumper and taillights designed in a similar way.

The interior of the new model is trimmed with leatherette by default, although the steering wheel is still leather. The car is equipped with an analog tidy and a traditional automatic selector, and the driver and passengers are offered dual-zone climate control, multimedia with an 8.0-inch screen, and a premium audio system with active noise cancellation.

2020 Cadillac CT4

Note that the cabin of the Cadillac CT4 Sport version has a plumper steering wheel with paddle shifters made of magnesium alloy. Plus, such a sedan has sports seats with developed lateral support rollers and metal pedals.

At the same time, the Premium Luxury version additionally pleases with ambient lighting, genuine leather trim, Safety Alert seats that warn of danger by means of vibration, as well as the function of automatically dimming the interior and exterior mirrors.

2020 Cadillac CT4

The new 2020 Cadillac CT4 body is built on the Alpha platform on which the CTS and CT5 are also based. At the front, the four-door has a MacPherson strut suspension with compound arms, while the rear uses a five-link design. The sedan is rear-wheel-drive by default, although an AWD transmission with a front-axle clutch is available at a surcharge for any version.

In terms of overall dimensions, the Cadillac CT 4 reaches a length of 4,756 mm, while its wheelbase is 2,775 millimeters. The width and height of the model are 1,815 and 1,423 mm, respectively. The car has a rather modest trunk – only 303 liters (according to the American measurement method).

The American sedan relies exclusively on gasoline four-cylinder engines with a two-flow compressor, which have direct injection and a system of half-cylinder deactivation at low loads. The base unit is a 2.0-liter unit with 241 hp. (350 Nm), which works with an eight-speed automatic.

More expensive versions are equipped with a 2.7-liter engine with a return of 313 forces and 472 Nm. It works in tandem with a more modern ten-speed automatic transmission. This engine also relies on the top version of the CT4-V, except that here the engine is boosted to 329 “horses” and 515 Nm of torque.

2020 Cadillac CT4

The brakes on the new Cadillac ST4 have an electromechanical booster, while the Sport version of the sedan has four-piston Brembo mechanisms with 321 mm discs in front of the Sport version instead of the original 300 mm discs.

In turn, the list of equipment for the “charged” CT4-V includes a rear limited-slip differential, while the rear-wheel drive version has an adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride Control 4.0. As for the riding presets, there are five of them: Tour, Sport, Snow / Ice, Track and My Mode (allows the driver to choose the settings specifically for himself).

Plus, the four-door received the Super Cruise system, which is a highway autopilot. The latter will become available for cars from 2020, while its activation will allow the driver to remove his hands from the steering wheel, but it is not allowed to take his eyes off the road. Compliance with this condition is monitored by a special camera in the cabin.

The new Cadillac CT4 will enter the conveyor of the Michigan enterprise Lansing Grand River, in the modernization of which the Americans have invested $ 211 million. In the States, auto sales will begin before the end of 2019, although prices have not yet been announced. Deliveries of the model to Russia (with the exception of CT4-V) are planned for two thousand and twentieth.

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