Chery will surprise you with a premium crossover the size of a Land Cruiser: we are waiting in Russia

The Chinese from Chery are planning to bring a full-size crossover of the Exeed premium brand to Russia. This was stated by Anton Ganzha, who is the sales director of the Russian branch of the brand.

The top manager did not specify which model was being discussed, but noticed that in terms of dimensions, the new product was comparable to the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Exeed VX model fits this description, which has not yet been officially presented due to the coronavirus – the Chinese plan to show the car only at the September 2020 Beijing Auto Show.

Exeed VX

However, photos of the novelty are circulating on the network, according to which the car will have a fairly strict exterior design with a large front bumper and narrow head optics. The interior is kept secret, but, apparently, it will almost completely repeat that of the compact Exeed LX, differing from it only in a different design of the front panel on the passenger side.

This means that the model will receive a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a multimedia system screen located under one glass, as well as a climate control touch panel with integrated washers and a miniature non-locking transmission control lever. It is expected that already in the base, the off-road vehicle interior will delight passengers with rich equipment, while the car can be ordered with a third row of seats for a surcharge.

The new Exeed VX 2021 is built on a front-wheel drive modular transverse engine platform. Although such a “trolley” is a proprietary development of the Chinese brand, however, the experience of the Jaguar Land Rover concern was taken into account in its creation.

In terms of dimensions, the premium crossover reaches 4,970 mm in length, 1,940 in width, 1,795 in height, and the distance between the axles is 2,900 millimeters. In China, the model will be equipped with a 1.6-liter “turbo four” with a capacity of 197 hp. (290 Nm) and a seven-band robot.

Exeed VX

At the same time, a modification with a two-liter turbo engine was also announced, available in two power options – for 220 and 225 forces. All variants of the model are expected to be front-wheel drive exclusively.

In the Celestial Empire, the new Exid VX will debut at the end of the twentieth year, and in Russia the crossover will appear in the twenty-first, and the sale of cars will only be entrusted to select showrooms. The price list for the car has not yet been advertised, but, according to rumors, it will be possible to buy an off-road vehicle from 170,000 yuan (1.8 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Exeed VX

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