Choosing A Reliable Used Sedan On The Secondary For 500,000 Rubles: What Are The Options

Having half a million rubles to buy a new sedan, you can rely mainly on AvtoVAZ products (and even then in the simplest trim levels). But on the secondary housing the choice will be much wider, but of course, not all proposals there should be seriously considered. The experts of the publication figured out worthy cars with mileage up to 500,000 rubles. “Behind the wheel” and made their own rating. Here’s what happened.

Hyundai Solaris

More precisely, a tandem, Hyundai Solaris / Kia Rio. Technically, the cars are almost identical, and therefore all the “sores” they have are similar. With a total of half a million, you can find excellent 3-5 year olds with low mileage. True, the Korean couple are very popular in taxi services – such copies should be feared.

Hyundai Solaris

The car can be equipped with two engine options – 1.4 l (107 hp) and the more common 1.6 l (123 hp). Both are reliable and walk 300-400 thousand kilometers without any problems. But when choosing a gearbox, it is better to give preference to the “automatic” – manual gearboxes sin with a fairly quick wear of the 3-4 gear clutch, which can “cover” with a run of 100,000 km.

Solaris do not differ in their strong paintwork – various defects appear on the car quite quickly: chips and scratches. But, as they say, they do not affect the speed.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Like the Koreans in the Face of Rio and Solaris, their direct competitor, the Volkswagen Polo sedan, produced in 2014-2016, can be purchased for about 500,000 rubles. This model is also very popular among taxi drivers, but this only proves once again that the car is really reliable.

Sedans of the indicated years of release came with aspirated 1.6 liters. Pre-styling (up to 2015) CFNA 105 hp engine. can strain with the knock of the piston group, which, however, does not in any way affect its resource. The next generation of these motors – EA211 (110 hp) is already devoid of many “sores” of its predecessor and is in no way inferior to that in reliability.

Therefore, it is better to give preference to restyled cars. Moreover, many other small “kosyachki” (for example, weak sound insulation of the rear part of the body) are removed there. As for the gearboxes, there were no special problems with them: both the mechanics and the six-speed Japanese “automatic” Aisin are good.

Renault Logan II

Renault Logan 2

The second generation of the sedan is no longer “cut down with an ax”, unlike the first, outwardly such a car looks much nicer, and it rides well too, although it is based on the old B0 platform. For half a million you can buy a three-year plan with a mileage of 50-60 thousand km.

Engines – gasoline 8 (82 HP) and 16-valve (113 HP), familiar from the first generation and are distinguished by their unpretentiousness and long service life. The same can be said for the suspension. There are no complaints about the mechanics, but it is better not to take cars with a four-band automatic transmission – the boxes are slow, the fuel consumption with them is significantly higher, and they do not differ in high reliability.

Skoda Octavia A5

Skoda Octavia A5

Despite the fact that the Octavia is a liftback, it was decided to include it in the selection of sedans. After all, for this, among other things, they love the Czech bestseller. To cars with hatchback and station wagon bodies in our country are quite indifferent, but whether the hatch with the appearance of a sedan – and it looks “right”, and the practicality of a one-volume body is present.

For 500 thousand rubles, you can choose from cars of the second generation (A5) of 2012-2013, with a range of up to 150,000 km. The most reliable options come with an aspirated 1.6 with a power of 102 hp. and mechanics. A relatively weak point is adhesion, although problems with it usually begin not earlier than after 150,000 km of run. A 6-speed automatic is also not bad – with proper maintenance, it can live at least 300,000 kilometers.

Ford Focus III

Ford Focus 3 Sedan

The third generation of once one of the most popular foreign cars in Russia, although not as successful as the previous one, nevertheless remains quite in demand on the secondary market.

For half a million, as in the case of the Octavia, you can buy a 7-8 year old Ford Focus 3 with a mileage of 130-150 thousand. The machine has some minor flaws, but there shouldn’t be any serious problems with it.

More preferable options with engines 1.6 (125 HP) or 2.0 (150 HP). With a two-liter engine, the car will delight you with vigorous dynamics. There are no problems with the manual transmission, but the Powershift robot with two clutches is a rather capricious unit.

In general, with half a million in your pocket, there is plenty to choose from. However, if you want to visit car services less often, pay attention to B-class cars: Logan, Solaris, Rio and Polo Sedan – they are “fresher” and structurally simpler, which means they will provide fewer problems in the near future.


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