Citroen C5 X 2021 – photo and price, characteristics of the new Citroen C5 X

Citroen introduced the new (third in a row) generation C5 model. Interestingly, the car received the letter “X” in the name and is designed with an eye on the Chinese market.

The new 2021 Citroen C5 X is a cross-liftback with the same styling as the new C4. It has a similar front end design with X-shaped LED headlights and a massive center air intake in the front bumper.

Citroen C5 X

Citroen model range

Outside, the car attracts attention with a black plastic body kit “in a circle”, high ground clearance and 19-inch wheels. The proportions of the new items are more dynamic than on the predecessor, but the drag coefficient Cx is not impressive by today’s standards – only 0.29.

The interior of the off-road liftback is characterized by the presence of a 7.0-inch virtual instrument cluster with a projection display. Citroen C5 X boasts a new generation of multimedia system MyCitroen Drive Plus. The latter relies on a 10.0- or 12.0-inch touchscreen (depending on the configuration) with a developed menu and voice control.

Plus, the car has a miniature transmission selector, which the designers “drowned” in the bowels of the central tunnel. In older trim levels, the car flaunts more comfortable front seats, wood decor and a sunroof. The second row is designed to please passengers with spaciousness, but there is no separate climate control zone for it.

The new body of the Citroen C5 X 2021 model year is based on the modular platform EMP2 with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive. This “cart” is well known from the Peugeot 508 and DS 9. The overall length of the liftback is 4,805 mm, the wheelbase is 2,785, the width is 1,865, the height is 1,485. The trunk volume is 545 liters, but it can be increased up to 1 640 l.

Citroen C5 X

In front, the five-door has MacPherson struts, and either a beam or a multi-link can be installed in the back. The chassis itself is spring-loaded – Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, where simple passive shock absorbers are additionally equipped with hydraulic travel stops (instead of standard rubber dampers).

With small suspension movements, these shock absorbers have low resistance, due to which maximum softness is achieved, while the mentioned hydraulic buffers are designed to protect against hard shocks.

For more expensive versions of the Citroen C5 X, an active suspension is declared, familiar from the models of the premium DS brand. In its design, again, springs are involved, but at the same time there are electronically controlled shock absorbers, the stiffness of which changes preventively based on data from cameras scanning the road five meters in front of the car.

As for the power units, the base of the new Citroen C5 X has a 1.2-liter “turbo-three”, while the more expensive versions have a 1.6-liter “turbo-four”. It is known that both motors are of the PureTech family, but their characteristics have not yet been disclosed. They work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

Citroen C5 X

The top version of the model is a rechargeable hybrid. It has the aforementioned “turbo four” and an electric motor, which in total give out 225 hp. (320 Nm). On electric traction alone, such a car can travel up to 50 kilometers, while developing a speed of up to 135 km / h.

It is known that the Citroen C5 X was equipped with a second level autopilot. In fact, this is an adaptive cruise control with a lane hold function and automatic start-off after a short stop (can be useful in a traffic jam).

The French cross-liftback will be shown live at the April 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. Soon after, sales of the model will start in the Chinese market, and the Dongfeng Citroen JV will be engaged in its production.

In Europe, the novelty will appear only in the second half of the twenty-first, and Chinese-assembled cars will also be sold here. Whether it is worth waiting for such a car in Russia is still unknown.


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