Comcast Security Reviews | An Unbiased Report!

Days are gone when we see a guard or watchman outside almost every apartment, bungalow, and mansion. In this modern world, things have changed substantially, so in the case of our home’s security. At present, several companies provide the home security service across the US, among which Comcast is on the top. Let’s get in more detail about this service and start with our article – Comcast Security Reviews.

Comcast Security Reviews

Day by day, we are getting more dependent on technology, smart devices, and the internet for our day to day activities. In recent times we have witnessed yet another massive innovation “Home Security System/Service,” we will discuss this service in detail later in this article.

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Comcast Security Reviews | An Unbiased Report!

No matter what, a person should never compromise with their and the security of their family. That is why nowadays, people are trusting home security services for the security of their loved ones. But are these companies doing their jobs faithfully and can we blindly rely on these companies for our security?

Comcast is amongst the companies providing home security services. In this detailed article, we will be reviewing the several elements and factors of Comcast home security reviews.

What is Comcast (Xfinity) Home Security System?

Comcast is the largest telecommunication, cable television, and internet service providing company in the United States. Recently it has started providing home security service across the United States under its child brand name, “Xfinity”

Xfinity AKA Comcast Review

In the Xfinity home security service, a customer’s house is monitored by a virtual guard or watchman. Like the traditional security service, the Comcast home security service does not have a real guard who sits outside your house. Instead, your house is monitored by company employees from their command center, with the help of live video telecasts from the HD cameras and other smart devices fitted in your house.

Xfinity home security service works with a combination of hardware and software. Several cameras, sensors, and smart controllers are used to monitor and control any unusual activity in the house. A customer is charged based on their security plan. Let us have a quick look at the plans and pricing of the Comcast security system.

Plan & Pricing | Comcast Security

Suppose a person wants to enjoy the Xfinity security service. In that case, one needs to take the monthly or yearly membership. At present, the company is offering only two types of membership, which are as follows.

  • Home Security Plan – This is the basic plan offered by the company. Customers get 24*7 monitoring by a professional company employee and full control of the various sensors and other smart equipment. In case of any unusual activity, the owner gets all the alerts in real-time. High-quality live video monitoring, cellular backup in case of emergency. Complete access to the Xfinity home application and other features. The basic home security plan will cost you 40$ a month.

comcast pricing

  • Home Security Plus Plan – This is the company’s premium security plan, which includes all the features of the home security base plan. In addition to that, it has a 24*7 video recording facility, and a motion-activated recording feature helps to set the camera to start recording if there is any movement in the frame. Advance artificial intelligence that helps to detect people, animals, and cars. A Special look back features that automatically marks certain moments important with AI’s help, so that it can be monitored later. If a person wants to enjoy the facility of Xfinity premium home security plus plan, then they have to pay 50$ a month.

Smart Devices and Equipment

As we have already mentioned above, the Comcast security service works in coordination with hardware and software. Apart from the monthly service membership mentioned above, a customer needs to buy the equipment required for this security service to function. This equipment will cost you an extra one time extra bucks depending upon the equipment package you choose. Let us see the breakdown of two of the equipment packages provided by the company.

Base Home System – It is the basic equipment plan provided by the company. This package includes a full touch screen controller with preinstalled Xfinity software for controlling various other devices. Three doors/window sensor that captures the movement from the door or window.

A pet-friendly motion sensor that helps you to monitor the activity of your pet. It also has batteries, cellular system backup, and a signboard that can be placed outside the house. This base plan is adequate for small houses with 2-3 entry doors, and the one-time price for this base plan is 360$, which can either be paid at once or in zero-interest installments.

home based

Complete Home System – This is the company’s premium equipment plan, and this plan is suitable for houses with multiple entry doors. The complete home system package includes an HD camera for live monitoring, a wireless keypad for controlling various sensors. Besides, it includes all the equipment mentioned in the base home plan with increased quantity. For a premium equipment plan, a customer needs to make a one-time payment of 480$, which can be paid at once or in zero-interest installments.

Note – A customer can add-on other equipment in the plans mentioned above.

Some Advantages & Dis-Advantages Of Comcast Security

Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages, and the same is in the case of Comcast Security Service. Below are some of its advantages and disadvantages as per our Comcast home security review.


  • Due to good connectivity and control, in case of any casualty rapid actions can be taken.
  • 24*7 monitoring increases the security of our loved ones.


  • In case of any casualty or emergency, the sensors and other devices may not take the place of a human being.
  • As the monitoring is done from the control center, the security may not be completely reliable.

Importance of Home Security System

As we all know that security is very important, and it cannot be compromised at any cost. These new home security systems can prove good by providing all-time monitoring, rapid actions, and many more facilities. Nowadays, our lives have become very busy, and many of us have to leave our kids with a nanny.

importance of home security

In that case, such a service can provide double security to our loved ones. Moreover, a person can use such services while going out on vacation. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are several other reasons why Home Security Service can be beneficial for your house.

Closure | Comcast Security Reviews

Security always comes first in our consideration. With the change in time and technology, the traditional way of home security has changed as well. Nowadays, people are opting for smart home security services to monitor the activities of their homes. In this article, we have thoroughly covered the topic – Comcast Security Reviews.

Xfinity, the child company of telecommunication giant, Comcast is providing home security devices across the United States. Above we have mentioned all the details good to our knowledge, but if you have any doubts or queries related to the subject, feel free to ask me down in the comment section.

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