Datsun on-DO 2020 – price and configuration, photo in a new body, owner reviews, all the cons

How much is the new Datsun on-DO 2020 in Russia: the cost of a sedan on the official dealer’s website varies from 531,000 to 707,000 rubles… In our market, the four-door is offered in seven trim levels: Access, Trust I, Trust II, Trust III, Black, Comfort and Dream.

From the engines for the four-door Datsun on-DO 2020, two 1.6-liter four-cylinder units (for 87 and 106 hp) are proposed, and from the transmissions – a five-speed mechanics and a four-band automatic. The drive of the model can only be front.

New Datsun on-DO 2020

Configurations and prices Datsun on-DO 2020

Equipment Price
1.6 (87 HP) Access MT5 531 000
1.6 (87 л.с.) Trust I MT5 560 000
1.6 (87 л.с.) Trust II MT5 585 000
1.6 (87 л.с.) Trust III MT5 599 000
1.6 (106 л.с.) Trust II MT5 600 000
1.6 (106 л.с.) Trust III MT5 614 000
1.6 (87 HP) Comfort MT5 617 000
1.6 (87 hp) Black MT5 617 000
1.6 (106 HP) Comfort MT5 632 000
1.6 (106 hp) Black MT5 632 000
1.6 (87 hp) Trust II AT4 640 000
1.6 (87 HP) Dream MT5 652 000
1.6 (87 л.с.) Trust III AT4 654 000
1.6 (106 HP) Dream MT5 667 000
1.6 (87 hp) Comfort AT4 672 000
1.6 (87 hp) Black AT4 672 000
1.6 (87 HP) Dream AT4 707 000

MT5 – mechanics 5-speed, AT4 – automatic 4-speed.

  • In the starting configuration Access the sedan has ABS, one airbag, power steering, heated seats, steering column adjustment and a folding rear seat (1/1).
  • Version Trust I has two airbags, an on-board computer, central locking, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, front power windows and fog lights.
  • Execution Trust II supplemented only with climate control, and Trust III – standard audio system.
  • Equipment Dream I Equipped with remote central locking, rear power windows, alloy wheels, folding rear seat (1/3 – 2/3) and phone preparation.
  • Top version Dream II everything else is equipped with four airbags, light and rain sensors, as well as a full-fledged multimedia system with standard navigation.

Pros and cons of Datsun on-DO

+ Pros

  • Trunk
  • Cabin spaciousness
  • Passability
  • Suspension
  • Visibility
  • Controllability
  • Reliability
  • Profitability
– Minuses

  • Dynamics
  • Color quality
  • Build quality
  • Transmission
  • Noise isolation

Reviews of the owners of Datsun on-DO 2019-2020

The temperature regulator in the cabin lives its own life in automatic mode. It’s cold on the highway. The longer you drive, the colder it gets. The seals at the doors, although double, are not fitted, it is cold closer to the doors. Plus the strange work of the regulator. Moreover, the engine warms up instantly. To the performance of the stove or to the temperature of O.Zh. no complaints.

Nikolay, review of Datsun on-Do 1.6 (87 hp) on the machine in 2018

I bought this car in June 2018 after almost three years of ownership of VW Polo 1998. As of January 2020, the mileage is 40,000 km, mainly in the region and intercity. I chose a 106 horsepower engine, which I did not regret – 87 would be not enough. The car is light, there are enough dynamics, you can drive 140-150 km / h on the Moscow-Peter highway, the engine copes, but the consumption also increases. On average, 7 liters, no more, no less.

The main disadvantage is the famous humming (uuuuuuu) manual transmission. In principle, you get used to it, and if you turn on the music, it is completely imperceptible. The first gear sometimes turns on tightly, like the lever moved, but the clutch did not happen. We have to re-stick. The question is about the quality of the box.

Ivan, review of Datsun on-Do 1.6 (106 HP) manual transmission 2018

On-Do, of course, is not without its drawbacks (as if it could be different in a budget car) – the same Shumka is still not fire, the back seat is cramped, the doors slam shut with a metallic sound. In short, the Russian car industry with a Japanese brand nameplate.

But the advantages are undeniable: the suspension swallows all the blows of fate from our roads, without annoying passengers, and the link between the engine and automatic transmission does not raise questions (no jerking, the right gear is always on time, perhaps this is the biggest surprise from such a car).

Sergey, review about Datsun on-Do 1.6 (87 hp) automatic transmission of 2019

At first there was a smell of plastic in the cabin, but this problem was solved by time. Personal advice to future buyers – do not try to solve the problem of smell in the cabin with odorous objects (stinks, desiki), otherwise the mixture of smells will turn your head!

I jokingly call the trunk of my on-DO a real women’s bag – I can find everything there! And I carry a sports uniform with me, and a spare pair of shoes, and even rubber boots, and an umbrella, and even a carrier for a cat!

Natalia, a review of the new Datsun on-Do 1.6 (106 hp) on the mechanics of 2018

One gets the feeling that the manufacturer did everything to make the car break down faster. The quality of the paintwork is just HORROR! The car rusts before our eyes! The car constantly starts the second time, and the automatic transmission in winter does not travel at all on light snow. The engine runs intermittently, and errors hang in the ECU. Fuel consumption in winter is 13-15 liters in the city without traffic jams, and this is with one ton of weight and a 1.6-liter internal combustion engine !!!

Alexey Chagin, review of the Datsun on-Do 1.6 automatic 2019


Datsun on-DO 2020

The new Datsun on-DO 2020 body is built on the basis of the VAZ platform from Lada Granta. This means that the front of the car uses an independent suspension of the MacPherson type, and a semi-independent torsion beam is installed at the back. The wheels on the front axle are equipped with ventilated disc brakes, and on the rear there are cheaper drum mechanisms.

The Datsun on-DO sedan has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 337
  • Width – 1 700
  • Height – 1 500
  • Wheelbase – 2 476
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 174

The trunk volume of the four-door is 530 liters, and the fuel tank is 50 liters. The curb weight of the car is declared at the level of 1,160 kg (regardless of the selected engine / transmission / equipment level).

  • The sedan is based on a 1.6-liter eight-valve engine with 87 hp. and 140 Nm, which can be aggregated with both a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic. In the first case, from a standstill to a hundred, the car is capable of accelerating in 11.5 seconds, reaching a speed of up to 172 km / h, and in the second – in 14.4 seconds and up to 166 km / h, respectively.
  • Plus, the car can be ordered with a sixteen-valve engine of the same volume, which works exclusively with a manual transmission, developing 106 forces and 148 Nm of torque. On this version, acceleration from 0-100 km / h is possible in 10.5 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 184 kilometers per hour.

Within the city limits, Datsun on-DO 2020 accelerates very smoothly, especially with a 106-horsepower engine. Acceleration occurs without jerks and dips in traction, so if you gape, you can imperceptibly go beyond the permitted speed limit. With such a lively character, the speed limiter and cruise control are called upon to come to the rescue.

And on the track with the dynamics of the “Japanese” not everything is so good, and when accelerating in fourth gear there is a lack of traction. The presence of passengers in the cabin, as well as a loaded trunk, further aggravate the situation. On mountainous terrain, where the car has to constantly go through turns, descents and ascents, it becomes completely sad with the dynamics.

As for the suspension, it is energy-intensive on Datsun on-DO and is well adapted to bad roads, which, coupled with a sufficiently high ground clearance, allows you to safely drive on broken asphalt, and in some cases even move out of it.

Interesting Facts

Datsun on-DO 2020 in a new body

The sedan was presented on April 4, 2014, and in July the company started mass production of the model at the facilities of AvtoVAZ. In January two thousand and twentieth, the Japanese updated the model for the first time, with most of the changes affecting the exterior of the car, namely its front end.

The model was based on Lada Granta – from the latter they borrowed all the technical “stuffing”: chassis, engines and gearboxes. In terms of exterior design, the differences were in the front and rear parts, while it was expected to be slightly more expensive than the original.

According to the manufacturer, the word “DO” in the name of the model is associated with Japanese traditional culture and is translated into Russian as “way” (also means movement), and “on” is consonant with the pronoun “he”, which is intended to “emphasize the masculine component in the character of the car.” … In general, the name of the car can be translated as “the desire of the brand to open access to mobility and freedom of movement for everyone.”

Photo of the new Datsun on-DO 2019-2020

Car test drive video

Overview (exterior and interior)

As part of the restyling, the developers tried to bring the look of the Datsun on-DO 2020 in a new body to modern standards, updating the sedan’s face according to the same patterns as on the mi-DO hatchback. The model received a different front bumper and a slightly different hexagonal grille, which still has a mesh pattern and chrome trim.

Plus, the sedan got new lensed headlights, which made the sedan’s “look” more aggressive and, according to the automaker, better illuminate the road. The silhouette of the three-volume with an overly elongated “tail” of the trunk during restyling has not undergone changes.

Salon Datsun on-DO

The Japanese decided to keep the moldings on the doors, but at the same time they replaced the rear-view mirrors, which are now painted in the body color and have diode turn signals. The design of the stern has not changed at all: the sirloin is still formed by a puffy bumper, large mugs of lamps and a thin chrome strip on the trunk lid.

The interior decoration of the new Datsun on-DO is as budgetary and unpretentious as possible. Directly in front of the driver is a simple three-spoke steering wheel without additional buttons on the spokes, behind which you can see an analog tidy, consisting of two wells and a window of the on-board computer located between them.

The center console of the model has a “metal” edging. In its upper part there are ventilation deflectors, and below there is an audio system or a 7.0-inch touch screen of a multimedia system.

The front seats of the sedan seem primitive, but at the same time they have a fairly well thought-out profile and moderately rigid padding. It is comfortable to sit on them, and the visibility in the four-door is excellent.

New model Datsun on-DO 2020

On the second row there is a standard three-seater sofa. There is plenty of space in the back, but no additional amenities are offered to the riders.

In terms of ergonomics, Datsun on-DO is one of the best representatives in the class of budget sedans, while the volume of its trunk is almost a record. Certain questions arise only about the quality of finishing materials, however, taking into account the cost of the car, you can simply close your eyes to this.

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