Disadvantages Mazda CX-9 2021: owner reviews

Before buying a new Mazda CX-9 2021 or any other car, you should first study the reviews of the owners who shared their experience of owning this crossover.

Below we have collected the disadvantages of the Mazda CX-9 II based on feedback from real car owners. The model is sold in Russia with a single 2.5-liter petrol turbo engine with 231 hp.

Mazda CX-9 flaws

This engine is paired with an uncontested six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive transmission. You can add the minuses and pluses of the car in the comments.

Pros and cons of Mazda CX-9 II

+ Pros

  • Design
  • Dynamics
  • Headlight
  • Spacious salon
  • Roomy trunk
– Minuses

  • Rigid suspension
  • Weak paintwork
  • Brakes
  • High price in Russia

Owner reviews Mazda CX-9 2020-2021

A car that I enjoy every day for 7 months. A real Japanese premium, the quality of interior materials, sound insulation, dynamics are better than those of Lexus, Dates and other competitors in this price segment.

Huge trunk, tons of advanced options and cool looks. Consumption in the city 14-15, depending on the mood, if you really feel sick, you can get in at 12. Freaky music! Under warranty, the mirror drive was replaced – there were no more problems. Very happy with the purchase.

Review of the new Mazda CX-9 2.5 AT AWD 2021

Video review

If you take, then take in the maximum configuration. Very comfortable car, top notch insulation, double glazing, Shumka, thick door cards. NAPPA leather, seat ventilation and heating. Traveling far and comfortably is just class.

Only at maximum speed there are a lot of assistants and assistants for safety. The projection and readability of road signs is very convenient. She steers herself, brakes herself if necessary, sensors of “blind” zones and warning lanes.

And the chassis is a masterpiece, I really liked it. He does not notice small irregularities and joints, but on deep holes he works hard, does not lurch – he keeps the road with a bang. The trunk is spacious, and when folded flat the floor, that of the 3rd row, that of the second.

One minus for me, there were not enough brakes. The car is heavy, but it is not noticed when taxiing, it drives like a light one! Moved after the Mercedes s-class and there was no feeling of inferiority or lack of comfort!

Review about Mazda CX-9 automatic 2021

The main problem with the model is the lack of brakes. The small body of the brake disc and the disgusting quality of the pads and discs lead to overheating. Bottom line: 36,000 km and two thrown out sets of discs and pads. Mazda Russia is all on the drum, even more so for dealers. The problem is massive.

Further, in the first year, the rubber bands on the racks began to creak loudly – a replacement. Sealing gum fell off on the body at the junction of the doors – wait a month. The drive for folding the right mirror has broken down – wait a month. Up to a premium here, as before Beijing … In general, the machine is not bad, but everyone crosses the brakes and the saddest at the moment there is no unoriginal solution on the market.

Review of the new Mazda CX-9 2020

Steers normally, although the track, does not like longitudinal waves, starts to goat a little at speed. The suspension is pretty thumping, you need to drive through the police at a speed of up to 10-15 km / h, otherwise it just shakes. And my 18s wheels, 20s should be even cooler.

The dynamics are certainly better than that of Santa Fe and even more so Sorento – now you can easily fit into the “window” in the stream, leave the abutment in front of someone and drive in a little, but without fanaticism, of course.

Landing comfortable, lowered the seat to the maximum down – for me, as a result, a lot of space. The second row, if the first does not pinch – in general, you can ride like a king. The third row, in practice, accommodated mid-sized adults, and they did not complain at all. On the roads, the car is respected, often passed, slowed down when I change lanes. Well, I don’t stay in debt)

Review of Mazda CX-9 2.5 (231 HP) AT AWD 2019

Salon Mazda CX-9

There is dynamics! Of course, this is far from a sports car, but for a 5-meter crocodile, 8 seconds with a penny of actual acceleration behind the eyes! Moreover, what is even more important, this very dynamics is very convenient to control. The box instantly understands what you want and quickly jumps on the right gear.

There is still a small turbo lag at low speeds, but this does not interfere with driving dynamics, the gearbox levels out. But how pleasantly the torque of 420 Nm pulls and, at the same time, there are no vibrations from the unit at all – sheer pleasure! Fuel consumption – average over 7,000 km – 10.29 liters. This is for gas stations, I think in the application.

On the suspension, not everything is so simple. The trifle swallows very well, but the larger pits are quite tough. Before lying down, you have to slow down, perhaps the problem is in 20 sandals. At the same time, the CX-9 is controlled perfectly, there is absolutely no feeling of the large size of the car, you can play checkers, the level of steering responsiveness and rolls allows.

Review of the new Mazda CX-9 2.5 automatic transmission 2020

From a distance, the car is beautiful, but upon closer inspection, you can see all the traces of the car wash. The quality of the paintwork is like all Japanese people. Plastic door trims are especially bad at resisting aggressive car wash workers, making them shiny) The materials are excellent in the interior trim, the arrangement of all elements is surprisingly intuitive.

The behavior of a car is very close to that of a passenger car. And to the German, not to the Japanese. There is some roll in the corners, but certainly not comparable to the Kruzaks. Mazda drives well, it is better kamryuhi for sure. It’s too early to talk about the reliability of the new Mazda turbo engine, but it’s worth praising its settings. The motor is very responsive and predictable. In conjunction with the box, it creates confidence in every action.

Review of Mazda CX-9 2020 with automatic and all-wheel drive

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