Disadvantages of Mitsubishi ASX 2021: owner reviews

Before buying a new Mitsubishi ASX 2021 or any other car, you should first study the reviews of the owners who shared their experience of owning this crossover.

Below we have collected the disadvantages of Mitsubishi ASX based on feedback from real car owners. The model is sold in Russia with two gasoline atmospheric engines. The base volume of 1.6 liters produces 117 hp, and the more powerful 2.0-liter develops 150 hp.

Disadvantages of the Mitsubishi ASX

The starting point is an exclusively five-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive, while the car with a two-liter engine is paired with a variator and has a 4WD transmission. You can add the minuses and pluses of the car in the comments.

Pros and cons of Mitsubishi ASX

+ Pros

  • High ground clearance
  • Passability
  • Profitability
  • Ergonomics
– Minuses

  • Trunk
  • Rigid suspension
  • Controllability
  • Quality of paintwork

Reviews of the owners of Mitsubishi ASX 2020-2021

In general, the ASX is a rather specific car. It is not very new, not cheap and only true fans and connoisseurs of the brand can choose it. Against the background of the top-of-the-range Crete, the ASX benefits from a real Japanese build, a proven engine and an improved Outlander platform.

In terms of handling, this crossover is far from a passenger car, it knocks down in corners, throws it along the road with sharp changes (which could be done very confidently on the Lancer), while the ASX drives into the tall curbs in 4WD-Lock mode without the slightest hint of slipping, deep pits and irregularities smoothly pass along the killed road, without striking the bottom or thresholds.

Review of the new Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 (150 HP) CVT 2020

Video review

With light pressure on the gas pedal, the car picks up speed measuredly. But with increased pressure on the pedal, the car suddenly tears forward, growling with its two-liter engine, which allows you to make confident overtaking on the track. There is also a “sport” mode, in which the consumption increases, but the acceleration becomes even sharper and more daring.

When accelerating, you can hear how the engine works, but during normal driving, it does not really make itself felt. The noise from the street is almost inaudible.

Dmitry, review of Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 CVT 4WD 2019

Initially, I was afraid of the variator, but literally within a couple of weeks I got used to it and now I can’t imagine how I drove a mechanic. “ICE” supports me in everything: the variator instantly reacts to the driver’s movements, adjusting to my unhurried and very careful driving style. It uses gasoline quite sparingly: there are 7.8 liters on the highway, and in the city it was 10.2 liters maximum.

Overall, the ASX is a normal handling car with good stability but slightly stiff suspension. Uncritical, but the unevenness is felt. Well, the quality of paintwork is a separate story. It is weak, chips often appear, and this must be monitored all the time.

Natalia, review of Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 CVT 4WD 2020

Roomy interior, excellent ergonomics. The driver’s seat is very comfortable, you sit like in a home chair.

Once I drove 600 km at a time – I was not tired at all. Space for rear passengers is not enough. Once we went to nature, wanted to spend the night in it: they lowered the rear seats, moved the front ones, but still had to buy a tent …

Polina, review of Mitsubishi ASX 1.6 (117 HP) mechanics 2019

Салон Mitsubishi ASX

I bought a foolish ASX, on a 2018 car. head unit without USB! Sucks, last century… I didn’t pay attention to the purchase, now all the joy from the new car has evaporated, like a trifle, but unpleasant. A piece of ash got on the shelf near the checkpoint handle – it melted …

At a speed of about 110 km / h, the car begins to scour, you constantly have to steer. The trunk is the size of a handbag. Before that, Lancer Nine was a cool machine, I can’t say anything bad, but I bought this in vain, I’m sorry …

Andrey, a review about Mitsubishi ASX 1.6 on the mechanics of 2018

The size of the trunk presses with its ridiculous volume on the potential desire to transport something, but everything that has been shoved into it so far, including 12 boxes of potatoes, a 65 ″ TV in a box and a set of wheels and discs in a package, suggest otherwise. Moreover, 95% of the time the luggage compartment is empty of the word at all.

Vsevolod, review of Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 (150 HP) CVT 4WD 2019

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