electric SUV based on a pickup truck (photos and prices)

The Americans initially promised that the electric GMC Hummer EV, which debuted as a pickup truck, could also be ordered as a traditional SUV. The latter premiered in early April 2021.

In terms of exterior design, the GMC Hummer SUV follows the original truck in many ways. In particular, the front of the car is equipped with the same narrow headlights and a backlit radiator grill. From the side, the car is notable for rectangular wheel arches and an almost vertical windshield. However, the design of the stern of the novelty is original – with a swinging fifth tailgate.


Another feature of the SUV is the removable roof panels, which can be stored in the spacious front trunk. Thus, if desired, the car can be turned into a kind of convertible, having received a single wide opening above the heads of the front passengers, while a small jumper will remain above the second row.

The salon of the new GMC Hummer SUV is two-row, with a 12.3-inch display of a virtual instrument located in front of the driver, and a 13.4-inch touchscreen of the multimedia system flaunts in the center of the front panel. It is known that the rich versions of the model will be able to boast of leather upholstery, a powerful audio system and electric front seats.

In terms of design features, the traction battery frame is used as a load-bearing element on the GMC Hummer EV SUV. It is located between the axles, while powerful subframes and independent suspensions are attached to it at the front and rear.

The overall length of the SUV is not advertised, but it is noticeably shorter than the pickup (5.5 m), but the size of the wheelbase in the company was announced – 3 218 mm (- 227). The volume of the trunk is unknown, while in the published photos, the floor of the cargo compartment has a map of the lunar Sea of ​​Tranquility.


Due to the shorter base, the SUV’s traction battery is less than that of the pickup. This is a new generation Ultim battery developed in collaboration with LG Chem. Its distinctive feature is the low content of expensive cobalt. It is interesting that from below the traction battery is covered with steel sheets, while, according to the data sheet, the electric car is capable of storming fords up to 600 mm deep.

The capacity of the battery is unknown, but the car can travel up to 480 kilometers without recharging. Interestingly, the electric car also has an on-board charger that supports voltage up to 800 volts and a power of 350 kW.

The presented SUV also has air suspension. In standard mode, it provides a ground clearance of 257 mm, and in off-road (“Terrain Mode”) – its value increases to 302 mm. The suspension travel is the same as on a pickup – 330 mm.

For a surcharge for the car, an extreme “Extract Mode” preset is offered at all. When activated, the ground clearance increases up to 404 mm, which allows the car to drive on vertical ledges up to 460 mm high.


Plus, the model has a fully controlled chassis, which again has several modes of operation. The “Auto” setting improves handling: when activated, the rear wheels can turn in the opposite direction with the front wheels at an angle of up to 10 degrees, thereby reducing the turning radius to 10.8 m.

When CrabWalk mode is activated, the rear steer is deactivated and all four wheels of the vehicle steer in the same direction. At low speeds, this allows the machine to move “diagonally”. In addition, the “Super Cruise” autopilot is on the list of equipment. It is designed for driving on asphalt and has an automatic lane change function.

As for modifications, the flagship GMC Hummer EV SUV Edition One worth 106,000 dollars (8.1 million rubles at the current exchange rate) will be the first to enter the market. On this version, three electric motors are installed at once (one on the front axle, and two on the rear). In total, they give out 842 hp. and 15 590 Nm. From 0-60 mph (97 km / h), such a car can accelerate in 3.5 seconds.

Interestingly, an optional Extreme Off-Road Package will be offered for the Edition One performance. It implies the installation of additional underbody protection, off-road tires, imitation of a rear differential lock (when it is turned on, both motors on the rear axle start to work synchronously), a real front differential lock, reinforced axle shafts and a camera on the bottom that transmits the picture to the central display.


An SUV with this additional equipment costs $ 111,000 (8.5 million rubles). Plus, it is somewhat heavier than the standard version, which is why its power reserve does not exceed 450 kilometers.

Then dealers will have a slightly simpler version of the Hummer EV3X SUV for $ 100,000 (7.6 million rubles), the technical filling of which is the same, but the equipment is slightly more modest. At the same time, a twin-engine version of EV2X will appear on the market for $ 90,000 (6.9 million rubles). Here, the units give out 634 forces (10,033 Nm), and the power reserve is declared at the level of the same 480 km.

The most recent on sale will be the basic version of the model for $ 80,000 (6.1 million rubles). It has the same two electric motors, but the traction battery is less capacious, which is why it can only travel 400 km without recharging. Such a car will also receive a conventional spring suspension without a fully controlled chassis and a 400-volt charger instead of an 800-volt one.

The Hammer electric SUV will be produced at the American plant Detroit-Hamtramck, the modernization of which cost the manufacturer $ 2.2 billion. Receiving orders for the model has already started. Such cars will appear on sale only at the beginning of 2023, while the basic version will have to wait until the twenty-fourth.


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