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Rear-wheel drive supercar Ferrari F355 replaced the 348 model, the sales level of which did not suit the Italian company.

Initially, the designers and designers from Maranello wanted to make a number of changes to the Ferrari 348 to improve its sales, but as a result, they got very carried away. Fresh ideas and developments were more than enough to create a new car.

The production version of the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was introduced in 1994 and production started later that year. Soon Ferrari 348 retired – the model did not get a second chance.

Photo Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

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It is noteworthy that the Ferrari F 355 turned out to be a somewhat atypical car of the manufacturer. It has become the most massive and most affordable sports car in comparison with other models from Maranello.

The Italians were even accused of their new creation being a propaganda step to maintain the brand’s popularity. However, in reality Ferrari specialists were interested in something else …

The company wanted to use an innovative transmission from Formula 1 (and then other technologies) on a civilian sports car. The idea was not immediately realized, so the first batches of cars had the usual 6-speed mechanics (out of 4,871 Berlinetta coupes, 3,826 are equipped with manual transmissions).

Photo salon Ferrari F 355

But in the end, the car still received an advanced F1 gearbox with shift levers on the steering wheel, which the driver could pull on himself with his ring or middle fingers. The solution turned out to be not only effective, but also very convenient and stylish. Many owners of Ferrari F 355 liked it.

As a power unit for the F355, the V8 engine was borrowed from its predecessor, but its volume was increased to 3.5 liters, and the number of valves per cylinder increased from four to five.

Due to this, the power of the Ferrari F355 engine was 375 hp. at 8,250 rpm, peak torque 363 Nm at 6,000 rpm. From a place to a hundred, the car accelerates in 4.7 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 295 km / h.

Flawless style

Ferrari F355 GTS photo

Despite the high-tech Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, the model was even more captivating with its magnificent appearance and excellent interior. Even the direct competitors of the company Enzo Ferrari could not fail to recognize the beauty of the car.

Pininfarina was responsible for the exterior. She has developed a beautiful and aerodynamic body: smooth sweeping lines, luxurious front end, stylish rear optics and cute exhaust tips made the car a real beauty.

In 1995, the F355 line was supplemented with two new modifications at once. Initially, there was an open version of the Ferrari F355 Spider with a fabric roof equipped with an electric drive. A total of 3,717 spiders were released.

Ferrari 355 Spider

Later that year, an interesting version with a targa-type body appeared – such a car bears the designation Ferrari F355 GTS. The car is equipped with a hard top that is manually retracted. For all the time, 2,577 GTS models were born.

The Ferrari F355 Berlinetta coupe and GTS targa were priced at $ 130,000 at the time of their launch, while the Spider was priced at $ 7,000 more. Now you can buy a Ferrari F355 only on the secondary market. In Russia, there are several offers with a wide range of prices, ranging from 500,000 to 3,000,000 rubles.

The production of the model ended in 1999, and it was replaced by a new one. Ferrari 360 Modena.

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