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Back in October 1919, a test copy of Renault Arkana was at the disposal of the Za Rulem portal. Since then, on this crossover, journalists have skated more than 47,000 km, regularly publishing mini-reports. This time they talked about the nuances of the operation they identified during the past winter, which turned out to be quite cold and snowy.

Is the cabin cold?

The past frosts allowed journalists to evaluate the comfort of the Arcana’s cabin, as well as the functionality of its “warm” options. In particular, the remote autostart of the engine was thoroughly tested.

Renault Arkana

The latter can be activated by pressing the door close button on the smart key followed by a three-second hold on the engine start button. After completing this sequence of actions, the car starts the engine for ten minutes, in parallel also turning on all the heated windows.

Note that turning on autostart is possible only if the car is in the line of sight, but if it is “somewhere around the corner,” then the signal from the key fob is simply not enough. However, if desired, the start of the motor can be programmed for a specific time through the screen of the multimedia system. In addition, you can completely activate the function of regular heating (every two hours), which can be useful in especially severe frosts.

Renault Arkana

Autostart helps out a lot, since the interior of the Arcana is far from the warmest. For example, a standard heater in the harsh Russian winters copes with the tasks assigned to it mediocre. If “overboard” is at least minus ten, then in the settings it is already necessary to set the heating at 24-25 degrees. Otherwise, a comfortable temperature in the cab cannot be achieved.

As for the heated seats, steering wheel and windshield, there are no questions about their work. So, the ice from the windshield leaves in just a couple of minutes. Plus, the journalists were pleased with the fact that during a cold start, warm air immediately begins to flow from the ventilation deflectors into the cabin. This is the merit of the built-in electric heater.

What about during heavy snowfalls?

Renault Arkana

Winter 2020/21 was also filled with heavy snowfalls, but Renault Arkana did not blunder on the closed roads. Large angles of entry and exit, high ground clearance (210 mm), as well as a flat bottom allow the French crossover not to be afraid of snow drifts.

But to ride in snowfalls on the Arcana is not a pleasure. Due to the peculiarities of the coupe-like body, as well as the design step at the end of the tailgate, the rear window of the car is almost always covered with snow, and there is no wiper on it.

In addition, the side mirrors easily throw mud, which means that the visibility of the model leaves much to be desired in slush and snowfalls. Here the function of monitoring the “blind” zones can come to the rescue, however, the latter is available only in the older trim levels.

Is it possible to “light” on the Arcana?

At the beginning of the winter of the 2020/21 season, journalists were lucky enough to take part in the MADI Rally. As part of the race, Arkana was required to pass the checkpoints in time. The car proved to be excellent at a distance, although there were sections of mediocre roads along the route.

Renault Arkana

The suspension of the car confidently coped with both broken asphalt and a hard grader. The only thing that the participants of the race could find fault with was the electronics that were not disconnected after 55 km / h, which especially interfered on ice slalom. However, during everyday winter operation, the influence of the latter is unlikely to be noticeable.

Turbo engine and maintenance

Some motorists are suspicious of small turbo engines, considering them unreliable, but the test Arcana with a 1.3 engine ran off the above mileage without any problems. During this time, the journalists managed to visit three scheduled maintenance, while they did not have to add oil between services.

By the way, the third MOT cost 18,000 rubles. For this money, the officials changed the engine oil, brake fluid with antifreeze, and also changed the air and cabin filters.

Renault Arkana

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Photo drive2.ru and auto.mail.ru

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