Features of the Renault Duster II assembled in Russia: why is it better than the European one?

Russia has started accepting orders for the 2nd generation Renault Duster, which has been sold in Europe since two thousand seventeenth. The French themselves explain such a delay by the fact that all this time the model was being finalized for our road conditions.

Journalists of the Za Rulem portal wondered how the Russian version of the model differs from the European one. After doing their own research, they presented a list of the main features of the localized version of the crossover.

Adaptation to winter conditions

Renault Duster II

The new Duster II for Russia has received many warm options. In particular, the crossover boasts heated exterior mirrors, windshield, nozzles, as well as all seats and steering wheel. Plus, the car’s arsenal includes a remote engine start function, the usefulness of which in the conditions of Russian winters cannot be underestimated.

Compared to its predecessor, the second generation car also has single-zone climate control. The block of the latter was borrowed from the Russian Arcana, although the settings themselves are still different here.

The localized version differs from the global version by the presence of additional sealing contours of the doors and trunk. The latter allow you to minimize the amount of dirt and dust getting inside, and also contribute to better heat retention in the cabin. In addition, due to them, a higher sound insulation is achieved.

More rigid body

The body of the first generation crossover was not rigid enough, and after 10-15 thousand kilometers on the roof (closer to the trunk), cracks often formed on the paint. The model of the new generation received a more rigid design (+ 15%), which means that such problems should not arise.

Durable paintwork

Renault Duster II

Renault representatives note that Moscow-assembled Dusters additionally differ from European cars in a more durable paintwork. So, for painting localized crossovers, a particularly resistant High Durability varnish is used, which is designed to protect the paintwork from chips and scratches. In other words, all-terrain vehicles assembled in Russia should retain their presentation longer.


In Russia, the Renault Duster 2 powertrain line is represented by five different units. Four of them are familiar from the first generation model, but the new 1.33-liter turbo engine is of the greatest interest. The latter is again borrowed from the Arcana and is the most powerful in the range (150 hp).

Renault Duster II

No other market offers such a modification, while this engine can work on the Russian Duster with both a six-speed mechanics and a variator.

According to the data sheet, the turbo version with manual transmission is the fastest version of the model in the world. Plus, it is one of the most dynamic crossovers in its class, which is comparable in speed to the more expensive KIA Seltos and Skoda Karoq.

Improved handling

Working on the new Duster, the French paid a lot of attention to the issue of handling. In particular, the crossover received an electric power steering, which made it possible to eliminate unpleasant vibrations and shocks, which on the predecessor often made themselves felt when driving on bumpy roads.

At the same time, the smoothness of the suspension remained at the same (high) level, although the version with the new 17-inch wheels, which was not there before, still feels a little stiffer. In general, in terms of driving qualities, the Duster has become comparable to the segment leader – the Hyundai Creta crossover.

Improved interior equipment

Renault Duster II

The first generation model could not boast of a comfortable and well-equipped interior. In this regard, the new crossover has made a qualitative step forward. First of all, the model has acquired a modern interior design with a front panel from Arcana.

In addition, the equipment has become noticeably richer: the car finally got an adjustable steering wheel, and also got a more comfortable driver’s seat with a wide range of adjustments. In older trim levels, a multimedia system with an 8.0-inch display is designed to please the driver and passengers.

Other features

Russian Renault Duster 2 received a different wiper mechanism and longer blades, which minimized the area of ​​uncleaned areas of the windshield. At the same time, we note that on all versions of the crossover, without exception, frameless brushes are installed, which are less susceptible to freezing at subzero temperatures.

On the localized model, the aerodynamics have been slightly adjusted. Thanks to this, the sidewalls and rear fenders of such a car are less muddy. Plus, the crossover received less protruding thresholds, which means that passengers can not be afraid to get their pants dirty when leaving the cabin.

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Photo by Dmitry Pitersky for Autoreview

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