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My X-Trail T32 has 150,000 km on the odometer. During the operation of the car, there were no serious problems. At the same time, the car drives on different roads quite often. I do not go beyond common sense, but there is no disregard for the car in terms of care and maintenance.

Just want to describe the strengths and weaknesses of the car. I like that he really has off-road capabilities. But for this, the driver needs to have his head on his shoulders, it is reasonable to use the resource of the engine and gearbox.

Review of Nissan X-Trail 2.0 (144 HP) CVT 4WD 2014

The consumption is at a good level – if you drive 110 km / h on the highway, then the engine consumes a little more than 7.0 liters; when you insert more than 140 km / h, then the consumption increases significantly. In the city, without starts, consumption is 10 liters in the spring-summer period and 12 liters in winter.

I am pleased with the spacious trunk, and the T32 also has excellent seats in terms of adjustment – there are many positions, which is very convenient. There is enough space in the cabin for the comfort of the front and rear passengers. In general, the car has formed a pleasant experience.

The only significant drawback is the poor paintwork. But this is a problem with almost all modern cars. Here pebbles flying out leave chips on the body. I don’t want to cover it with foil, as it’s expensive and, in my opinion, not justified. The deflector and fly swatter also did not protect the hood from damage.

And now I’ll tell you about maintenance and the absence of faults. I will say right away – I have never visited official dealers. I don’t need such a guarantee – I know how they do everything there, and they take space money even for trifles. Therefore, I do something myself, and I trust the rest to trusted masters.

So, I’ll start by immediately lubricating the shock absorbers of the front struts without removing the wheels. The engine oil is changed every 10,000 km. The first time I bought a certified original, then I switched to Armotech 5W30. I like it better as the motor runs quieter without sacrificing performance.

The bay takes 1 container of 4.0 liters. Another plus of this oil is that you can buy the original without any problems. I bought a cap remover and installed a filter for Mann W671 oil. I change the air and cabin filter after 30,000 km. The brake was replaced only once, the spark plugs were replaced by 60,000 and 120,000 mileage.

Together with them, I changed the oil in the distributor, gearbox and variator. At the latter, I also changed (or rather, a specialist) fine filter, the coarse filter element and the crankcase were washed. The brake pads in the front were replaced 2 times, and in the back – 1 time, the discs came out perfectly – that’s just going to change.

Actually, that’s all. The operations described did not take much time and did not cost me an impressive amount, but I think they saved me from more serious technical problems.


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