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The Ford GT is an American mid-engined supercar. The first concept of a future model called the GT90 was shown at the 1995 Detroit Motor Show.

In 2003, Ford showed three working prototypes to mark the company’s 100th anniversary. Serial production of the Ford GT started in the fall of 2004.

Photo of a Ford GT supercar

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The exterior design of the new Ford GT is based on the classic GT40 of the sixties. Camilo Pardo, the project’s chief designer, was very careful with the original look of the old GT and made only minor adjustments.

Design and technical side of the project

Today’s Ford GT has gotten bigger. It is slightly wider, longer and 76mm taller than its predecessor. The overall length of the novelty is 4,640 mm (wheelbase is 2,710), the width is 1,950, and the height is 1,130.

Classic Ford GT40 photo

At the same time, the proportions and outlines of the Ford GT body remained recognizable for fans of the Ford brand. Not everyone could immediately distinguish the new GT from the old GT40. On the other hand, in constructive terms, the novelty has gone far from its historical predecessor.

The two-seater Ford GT body is made of modern composite materials. And the space frame with a large central tunnel, in which Ford engineers hid the gas tank, is made of aluminum.

The new car received a racing independent suspension with special push rods (like on F1 cars), horizontal shock absorbers and springs.

Ford GT photo

At the same time, in the design of the Ford GT, a number of technical solutions were borrowed from ordinary cars. For example, the steering column went to the supercar from the Ford Focus, and the airbags from the Mondeo model.

About the engine and gearbox

The key element of the new Ford GT is its powerful and high-torque engine. The coupe is driven by a 5.4-liter supercharged V8, producing 550 “horses” and a maximum torque of 680 Nm, which is transmitted to the wheels of the rear axle through a 6-speed manual transmission.

In places up to a hundred, the Ford GT accelerates in 3.9 seconds, and the top speed reaches 346 km / h. True, on commercial vehicles a limiter is set at around 330 kilometers per hour.

Modern interior with a touch of nostalgia

Photo of the interior of the Ford GT

The interior of the car has turned out to match the magnificent exterior and solid technical “stuffing”. On the massive dashboard of the Ford GT, there is a large speedometer with an equally large tachometer, as well as four pointer indicators.

In the center tunnel, not far from the driver’s seat, there was a free space for a fire extinguisher, which is a direct reference to the GT40. Also in the Ford GT cabin are hard sports seats with perforation, climate control and a high-quality audio system.

Interesting fact

The first lucky person to receive a modern version of the Ford GT was John Sherley, a top manager at Microsoft. For his dark blue “handsome” he had to pay more than 557 thousand dollars at an auction.

New Ford GT 2012

However, several early examples of the model were sold for $ 100,000, although the base price of the Ford GT in the US was $ 139,995 (the price rose to $ 149,995 on July 1, 2005).

A total of 4,038 copies of the Ford GT were produced, although it was originally planned to assemble 4,500 cars. The production of the model was completely discontinued on May 31, 2007.

In Russia, single copies of the Ford GT are sold for 7-7.5 million rubles.

Ford GT 1000

Photo Ford GT 1000 from Hennessey

The tuners of the famous American studio Hennessey have built a tuning version of the Ford GT supercry, which was named the prefix 1000, which means the power of the upgraded 5.4-liter engine.

The engine was equipped with two turbines, a modified fuel system and a stainless steel exhaust. As a result, the Ford GT 1000 accelerates from zero to a hundred in 2.8 seconds, and its official top speed is 390 km / h.

However, at the 2012 Texas Mile event, such a Ford GT 1000 managed to accelerate to an impressive 423.7 kilometers per hour.

Video Ford GT

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