Great Wall Poer – photo and price of a new pickup truck in Russia, specifications

How much is the new 2021 Great Wall Poer in Russia: according to the website of an official dealer in Moscow, a car can be bought at a price from 2,399,000 to 2,549,000 rubles… In our market, the pickup is offered in two trim levels: Comfort and Premium.

Specifications Great Wall Poer so far provide for a single two-liter turbocharged diesel engine, which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system.

New Great Wall Poer 2021

Options and prices Great Wall Poer 2021

Equipment Price
2.0D (150 л.с.) Comfort 4WD AT8 2 399 000
2.0D (150 л.с.) Premium 4WD AT8 2 549 000

AT8 – automatic 8-speed., D – diesel, 4WD – four-wheel drive

Great Wall lineup

  • Pickup in the initial configuration Comfort has 18-inch alloy wheels, ABS, ESP, an audio system, an on-board computer, a tire pressure sensor, a rain sensor, two airbags, a button to start the engine, a rear view camera with rear parking sensors, air conditioning, monitoring of blind spots, and multimedia system with 9.0-inch touchscreen display and support for Android Auto / Apple Carplay.

    Plus, the basic version of the truck has a body paint in metallic color, passive cruise control, front and rear power windows, heated seats, fog lights, LED headlights, a descent assist system, a pull-off assistance system, power steering and electrically adjustable heated mirrors …

  • Senior equipment list Premium extended with a rear differential lock, light sensor, climate control, power driver’s seat and six airbags.


Great Wall Poer in a new body

The new 2021 Great Wall Poer body is built on the P71 frame platform, which is widely used in the construction of high-strength steel grades. This “trolley” is characterized by the presence of an independent double wishbone suspension in front and a dependent multi-link at the rear. The brakes of the model are “in a circle” disc, but also ventilated at the front.

The truck is equipped with BorgWarner’s “Torque-on-Demand” all-wheel drive, which by default drives the rear wheels, and connects the front wheels only when necessary using a multi-plate clutch. Rear and center differential locks are a privilege of the older configuration. The Great Wall Poer pickup has the following dimensions, mm

Great Wall Poer Pickup

  • Length – 5 404
  • Width – 1 934
  • Height – 1886
  • Wheelbase – 3 230
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 232

According to the automaker, the new Great Wall Poer has a maximum payload of 375 kg. The volume of the fuel tank of the model is 78 liters. In running order, the car weighs 2,130 kg, while its gross weight is 2,495 kg, which means that such a truck can be operated on the streets of Moscow.

Let us remind that only those cars with the mark “cargo onboard” in the STS, which have a passport weight of no more than 2.5 tons, can move freely around the capital. in the amount of 5,000 rubles.

In Russia, a truck from the Middle Kingdom is offered exclusively with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder 4D20M turbodiesel of its own design by Great Wall. This motor works in tandem with an eight-speed ZF automatic, developing 150 hp. and 400 Nm. It is reported that with such a “filling” the car is capable of accelerating from zero to hundreds in 16.0 seconds, reaching speeds up to a maximum of 155 km / h.

Vehicle overview

Salon Great Wall Poer

The interior of the Great Wall Poer 2021 in the new body is quite pleasant, and the quality of finishing materials is at the level (at least in the driver’s field of vision). The multimedia system put to it gives out a decent picture and has a Russified interface, but hieroglyphs are still found everywhere here. Another “fly in the ointment” is the lack of steering wheel adjustment for reach.

In the nineteenth year, the Great Wall Pao debuted, which became the largest and most modern pickup truck of the Chinese brand. On the home market, it is offered in several modifications, but in the Russian Federation it was decided to sell it exclusively in rich versions with a four-door two-row cab and under the name “Poer”, which is supposedly derived from the English word “Power”.

But what cannot be taken away from the “Chinese” is the spacious interior. Due to the long wheelbase, there is plenty of free space even in the second row. The rear landing is quite comfortable, but no additional amenities are provided here (separate air ducts appear only in the older configuration).

On public roads, the Great Wall Poer rides very well. The automatic machine put to it works smoothly, and the car drives clearly and predictably. However, the suspension on the car is stiff (like most other pickups).

Great Wall Poer Cargo Platform

Any road trifle is transmitted to the car body, so even on smooth asphalt it is shaken by a small tremor. When driving through large irregularities (for example, “speed bumps”), the car bounces at all, especially its rear. Throw in the traditional spring swing and you can forget about any smooth ride.

Due to the high-torque diesel engine, the cross-country ability of the new Great Wall Poer is good and, in fact, is limited only by the ground clearance, the capabilities of the selected tires, as well as the courage of the driver himself. In the first tests organized for journalists, a Chinese pickup truck managed to reach those parts of the landfill where some full-fledged SUVs did not reach.

Photo of the new Great Wall Poer 2021

Video test drive

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