Have You Seen The 2021 Vision GT Nissan Yet? Here Are 15 Pics To Drool Over

Nissan might have been struggling in the last few years. This 2020 Vision GT seems like a car that could help Nissan to be as good as it was before.

One company, Nihon Sangyo, combined with what would become Nissan Motor Company. Yoshisuke Aikawa, the CEO of Nissan, wanted to start an automobile division for the company. But other shareholders were not sure and did not want him to do it. He bought some companies and then he concentrated on building new manufacturing plants.

Nissan kept making Datsuns, the car model they had been selling for years. They also made planes and trucks for the army. In the late 1940s, this company partnered with smaller car companies. They made cars like Prince Motor Company.

In 1960, the first Japanese carmaker to win the Deming Prize for engineering excellence. Some car companies introduced their cars in the 1950s and they are still in production. Nissan is a company that makes cars. They are very good at design and they have the newest technology. The 2020 Vision GT Nissan is a new car. It has many cool features. I want one!

Designed By Nissan Design Europe

The 2020 Vision GT Nissan was designed by designers in Europe. They have been talking about racing in the UK. The car looks like it is racing. The design represents the racers with bold details. There are sharp edges on the front and back of the car.

Reaches High Speeds Without Any Effort

The tires are both in the front and back of the car. Air goes through the front end of the car. It rushes into the body with its aerodynamic features. The air then goes through the wheels and gets drawn out with the help of an exhaust. Even though this car looks boxy, it’s made a lot like a Le Man’s vehicle.

Active Rear Wing

The rear wing can be moved back and forth depending on the speed that you are driving. When you drive at 186 mph, the force on the car is really big. The force pushes 400 kg of downforce onto the differential block. The front of the car has a part that helps it to go fast. The car will have air on the front. Then it goes into a vacuum that is like racing cars.

FR-4WD Powertrain

The powertrain uses a high-performance FR-4WD system with a V6 twin-turbo engine and 3 motors. The motors in these cars are powerful. They work well when you push the pedal. You can drive them when it is raining or sunny. The car’s acceleration is maintained by the engine and this makes it go to the next corner. The active suspension on your car makes it do well all the time.

Emerged From A Study

Nissan wanted to know what young people would like, so they asked designers. The 2020 Vision GT Nissan was the result of those questions. Each of them answered a call from the makers of Gran Turismo 6 and helped make a perfect car. This vehicle is like a race car and can use technology. It is legal for roads. The wind largely shapes the design.

You Can Find It In Gran Turismo 6

In 2015, the virtual version of the car appeared in Gran Turismo 6. Gamers can now find and drive this futuristic vehicle. The company did the same thing with earlier versions of the GT, 370Z, and Skyline. At that time, the company wanted to build a car that would never become real.

Hybrid Powertrain

Nissan is making a new kind of car. This car will be better than before. People are talking about the car. They think it will get a new engine, design, and lots of power. The Japanese brand tries to hide the details about its next supercar. We only see a hint of it.

V-Shaped Front Grille

Although the new GT looks different, it has design features that look like other cars. There is a v-shaped front grille that is in the car’s mouth and looks like other cars’ designs. Carbon-fiber fins help with the air intake. The car has 2 pieces of plastic at the bottom. The headlamps are narrow and the LED unit merges into the fender.

New Paint Options

Nissan showed an updated version of their car at the Tokyo Motor Show. the changes are minor: new lights on the front of the car and new patterns on the headlamps. Besides, the black paint has been replaced by a red color. At one end of the car, there is a carbon-fiber wing. A diffuser takes up most of the lower half.

Unusual Doors Without Door Handles

The sides of the car are different because there is a deep crease that hides behind the side-mounted exhaust system. The doors look kind of unusual. They don’t have door handles, but they have a mirror on them instead. Mirrors in a cockpit help pilots see out the window. The back windows are still there, which reminds us of the GT-R.

High-Tech Cockpit

Nissan gave people very little detail about the car. There are photos of it, though. They show the cockpit made out of carbon fiber. We can see lightweight bucket seats. The steering wheel is like those in race cars. The center stack should have a display that gets images from cameras to show people what is happening on the sides.

Le Mans-Like Prototype

Since the Vision Gran Turismo program was announced in 2013, we’ve seen a lot of car ideas. But the 2020 Vision GT looks the best. It looks like it will happen. Nissan made a special effort to combine Le Mans-inspired features with the GT-R’s trademark design. This is the most radical GT ever.

KERS Technology

The 2020 Vision GT Nissan is expected to come with KERS technology. This is a system that takes kinetic energy from a car and turns it into electricity. This energy is stored in a container for use when the car is going fast. The same system can be found in Formula One cars. Bosch Motorsport Services use it in motor racing.

Smart Systems

Andy Palmer, the global planning officer for Nissan, says that the 2020 Vision GT will be similar to Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari, and McLaren P1. This means that there are many smart systems, parts, and driver aids in the car. I do not know what the car is like.

Engine Developed By NISMO

Nissan has already announced that it is developing a new car. They are doing this in Europe. It’s not confirmed yet, but the new GT is likely to have a hybrid engine. The twin-turbo V6 engine is 545 hp and 3.8L. This is a car made by NISMO and the nine-time Formula 1 constructor’s champion Williams.

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