Hennessey and Koenigsegg sarcastically congratulate Bugatti on their speed record

Representatives of Hennessey Performance congratulated Bugatti on setting a new speed record, while the American manufacturer is preparing to launch its F5 hypercar, with which they are going to overcome the 310 mph mark, i.e. accelerate faster than 500 km / h.

In addition, later John Hennessy expressed his doubts that the engine on the record Chiron was boosted only to 1,600 hp. (against 1,500 forces on the standard version). According to his version, an increase of 100 hp, as well as modified aerodynamics, suspension and tires were not able to provide the shown maximum speed of 490 km / h. John believes that the Bugatti is cunning, and in fact, their modified engine produces about 2,000 “horses”.

Hennessey Venom F5

In turn, the Swedes from Koenigsegg also sent their congratulations to Bugatti, but at the same time reminded that in the Guinness Book of Records it is their Agera RS model that is still listed as the fastest production car in the world with a maximum speed of 457.93 km / h (average speed in two arrivals in different directions was 447.2 km / h).

And although the French said that their Chiron-based prototype is as close as possible to the production version, in fact it is still not a production model that can be bought. In any case, Koenigsegg representatives plan that their new Jesko hypercar will also be able to surpass the 300 mph mark.

However, immediately after setting the speed record of 490.484 km / h, the Bugatti company said that they proved everything they wanted and were not going to participate in the race for setting the maximum speed record. And they later added that the potentially modified Chiron would be able to accelerate to 515 km / h if the races took place in Nevada, where the Koenigsegg record was set.

Koenigsegg Jesko

The French explained that the Swedes carried out races on the highway, which is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level – the air pressure there is 0.908 kilograms per square centimeter. At the same time, the Volkswagen test site, where Chiron set his record, is located at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level – the air there is denser (1.033 kilograms per sq. Cm), and this negatively affects aerodynamic resistance.

At the same time, representatives of Bugatti are not going to drive their car to Nevada, since the local public road (albeit closed) does not provide the required level of safety, and is also not long enough. As a result, the company came to the conclusion that there is simply no such safe place on the planet where they could demonstrate the full potential of Chiron.

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