Holds the road like an iron, the suspension does not break through on a dead road …

Lada Vesta SW Cross 1.6 covered more than 5,000 km and, in general, showed advantages and disadvantages. The latter, unfortunately, are enough. I will make a reservation that I bought this miracle of the domestic auto industry exclusively for work. The choice was quite deliberate.


So, let’s start washing the bones … Just about the engine – it is traditionally weak. The volume of 1.6 liters is sometimes not even enough to get around the truck on the track. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that the loaded one often drove. Here you need to be careful, since the brakes of the car are not very good.

Review of Vesta SW Cross 1.6 (106 HP) MT 2019

As for the consumption, the engine consumed 8.5 liters on the track in the run-in mode at a speed of 110 km / h. In urban conditions – 10.0 liters. The gearbox starts to howl in second gear, from the rear everything is very sad – you need to squeeze the clutch several times to literally stick it in. At the same time, a crunch is heard, and it snaps into place extremely reluctantly. Fog lights shine disgustingly, it seems that they are installed to illuminate the roadside, if you want to go out on demand.

There are also complaints about the salon – the designers have not been able to create a normal niche for the phone. It’s the same story with cup holders. Small plastic bottles dangle in pockets, and 1.5-liter bottles need to be crumpled to fit. At the same time, they emit a straining crunch. Another minor remark is the beeping when you get out of the car and did not turn off the headlights or dimensions. I found several such problem areas.

A separate story with the interior trim. In general, it is made soundly for the domestic auto industry. But there are some areas that emit a disgusting creak: this is the edging of the air duct located on the driver’s side, the pillar trim in the same area and on the rear door. To eliminate this, you need to disassemble, seal, there will be time – I will do it. Also, the edging of the instrument panel and the shade does not inspire confidence, they periodically have to be tidied up with the touch of a finger.

The chairs are uncomfortable: the hip hangs down, so with a long ride, the legs become very numb. The configuration of the seats themselves is such that you slide off during hard braking. Fixed head restraints cause the negative – this is very uncomfortable. You can correct the position with the chair only by self-adjusting the ascent angle. This requires washers and elongated bolts.

Advantages of Vesta SW Cross 1.6

The car also has them. I would especially note the suspension – it is stiff enough for off-road, but does not fall through on steep turns. There are no complaints at all: it holds the road like an iron, the suspension does not break through on a dead road. The head optics shines perfectly as standard. Passengers in the back can charge smartphones (this is a revolution for our car industry). Another plus for engineers is the presence of parking sensors as standard. I was also surprised by the roomy refrigerated glove compartment.

The trunk caused mixed feelings. It seems to be voluminous if you load bags, packages and other luggage. But if you need to transport a children’s car or a set of rubber worn on the disks, you will have to fold the back of the rear seat. I will complete the listing of the advantages with noise insulation – it is at a high level for this class of car.

I wrote a subjective review about the car, I do not pretend to be absolutely correct. Knowing our auto industry, I would not be surprised that many of the listed problems do not occur for many – but there are others. I emphasize again, I bought the car exclusively for work.

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