How Owners Improve The Crossover On Their Own

Hyundai Creta is one of the leaders in the Russian automotive market. Many positive articles and owner reviews have been written about the car, but still this crossover cannot be ideal for everyone.

The car has been on the market for a long time, and during this time a large number of “recipes” for tuning and modifications have appeared for the model, which come from both third-party accessories manufacturers and folk craftsmen. Let’s consider some of these proposals.

Hyundai creta

In this article, we will not go deep into standard improvements, such as laying additional noise insulation or installing advanced music – these things are quite universal for any car. But we will tell you more about some of the improvements directly for Hyundai Creta.

Illumination of the power window button block

Illumination of buttons on Crete

A rather strange feature of Crete is the illumination of the window regulator buttons. For some reason, it is only available on the driver’s key, while the rest have to grope in the dark. At the same time, everything is in order on the Chinese version of the ix25 with backlit buttons. What is the reason for such savings is unknown.

Actually, this problem is solved by installing a block of buttons from the “Chinese”. There are no difficulties with the installation – everything falls into place, connects to the standard wiring and works great. The price of the issue is about 1,500 rubles on AliExpress.

Cruise control

Cruise control buttons for Crete

Such a nice option as cruise control is reserved only for the owners of the top-end Travel and Style trim levels. Moreover, even in these versions, it appeared relatively recently, and before it was available only as part of additional packages. All this is rather strange – in cars with an electronic gas pedal, such a refinement practically does not affect the cost price.

However, the lack of cruise control is just a trick of the Korean marketers. A pleasant secret is that, in fact, such an option is hidden in absolutely all Cretas, and to enable it, only an additional button on the steering wheel is missing.

To resolve the issue, it is worth referring again to the previously mentioned ix25. All on the same AliExpress, you can order a block of steering buttons with the coveted activation of cruise control for a little over two thousand rubles. And you don’t need to additionally adapt and reflash anything – you just change the old block to a new one – and you’re done. Now you can drive and enjoy the useful option.

Front arch cover

Front arch cover

One of the favorite features of Russian tuning is the use of parts from domestic cars. This is explained by the fact that the price of most of such spare parts is scanty, and they are available in almost any auto shop or car market. Therefore, the owners regularly adapt various “pieces” from VAZs, GAZs and UAZs to all suitable places of their foreign cars. Hyundai Creta was no exception here.

There is a strange place in the “Korean” – a hole in the front arch leading to the engine compartment. One of the wiring harnesses passes through it, but the hole itself is much larger in diameter.

At the same time, no protection in the form of at least a rubber boot is provided by the plant here, which can cause excess dirt to enter the engine compartment or rub the wire against the sharp edge of the hole. True, in fairness, no one has yet recorded such real cases.

Nevertheless, if the internal perfectionist still haunts the owner, this factory oversight will be perfectly corrected by the sealing sleeve of the gas line from the UAZ. In the ill-fated hole, she stands like a native, completely closes it and fixes the wiring harness exactly in the center. The price of the issue is 100 rubles for 2 pieces, and the installation will take no more than 10 minutes.

Running lights and fog lights

PTF instead of DRL

Crete’s creators got confused with optics. In the basic versions, we are dealing with reflective headlights and halogen daytime running lights in the bumper. In rich trim levels, the front optics are already with lenses and LED DRL strips, and in the bumpers there are full-fledged foglights. And all this is only in a pair – it is impossible to order separately lensed optics without fog lights or fog lights for conventional headlights.

At the same time, the owners of the basic versions should not hope that DRLs can be used for additional lighting at night – there is not much sense from them, and they do not work with low beam. But foglights from top-end configurations, on the contrary, cope with their tasks perfectly, so among the owners of budget Creta there is a natural desire to “pump” lighting devices, especially since the seats for DRLs and foglights are the same.

It’s just that you won’t be able to throw the headlights just like that – unlike the cruise control, the wiring under the PTF is provided only in trim levels with them. Therefore, the alteration will involve laying a new beam, as well as replacing the steering column switch.

True, the wiring can not be touched if you replace the lamps in the navigation lights with LEDs (but the switch will still have to be changed). In general, if the difficulty of revision does not frighten, then the price of regular foglights is not so transcendental – from 4 thousand per pair on the Avito website.

MTF for Hyundai Creta

Another good option for installing additional light in the regular bumper places is MTF LED fog lights. This, of course, is a non-standard, but quite popular revision, even among owners with standard PTF headlights. They have a spectacular and bright white light, and the indicators of light fixtures are almost twice as good as compared to standard optics.

MTF also has its drawbacks. Firstly, the price – you will have to pay 10-11 thousand rubles for a good set. Secondly, when idling, they may flicker. This is treated by installing trompe l’oeil, but in this case you will have to pay another 1-2 thousand rubles. But even despite this, LED optics have a lot of fans.

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