How to protect yourself from the coronavirus while driving: advice from the head doctor of Skoda

Yana Parmova, who is the chief physician of Skoda, gave motorists some useful advice that, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, will allow drivers to protect themselves and passengers from infection.

In particular, the physician recommends regularly disinfecting the main controls, which include the steering wheel with paddle shifters, gearshift and handbrake lever, external and internal door and trunk handles, as well as radio tape recorder switches and multimedia system screens.

Skoda recommendations

In turn, experts of the organization “Consumer Reports” note that it is not necessary to buy special automotive chemicals, and any cleaning agents (liquids) containing more than 70% alcohol are suitable for treating these surfaces, while worrying that isopropyl alcohol will harm the interior of the car – not worth it.

Alcohol-containing liquids can be used to process not only hard surfaces, but also the upholstery of the same seats, but in this case, the main thing is to observe the measure. If you overdo it, the leather or leatherette may lose their original color. To avoid this, it is also recommended not to rub the surfaces upholstered with such materials too much, and after disinfection, additionally use a skin care product.

Skoda recommendations

At the same time, the organization does not advise treating the interior components with hydrogen peroxide, since it can harm the finishing materials. When it comes to handling monitors, ammonium-based cleaners should be avoided. The screens themselves are best wiped with microfiber rags.

In addition to disinfecting controls, Skoda also recommends cleaning the ventilation and air conditioning system. It is not at all necessary to go to the service for this, and car owners may well use the sprays sold in stores. The efficiency of the latter is not so high, but it is still better than nothing.

Skoda recommendations

In conclusion, the head physician of the Czech brand notes that if the driver is traveling with passengers, he should wear a mask. Of course, a regular cloth bandage does not protect against the virus, and it is best to use special respirators of the FFP3 class and above.

Nevertheless, the use of any medical mask minimizes the likelihood of infecting other people, provided that the motorist himself is sick, but does not yet know about it.

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