I Like The Car, But There Are Also Disadvantages

I bought a new Land Rover Defender. After the first 2 300 km I decided to share my impressions of the car. When driving around the city, the car behaves just fine. The only caveat is that the turning radius is slightly larger than necessary. But this is not critical, it is still comfortable to operate.

As for the route – here the direction and strength of the wind affects the fuel consumption. And all because on Defender the shape is not streamlined, but rather square. It took me about 30 liters of gasoline to cover a distance of 350 km in good calm weather. And when I drove the same distance in a blizzard and with a headwind, it took about 42 liters.

Review of the new Defender

Review of Land Rover Defender 2.0d (200 HP) AT AWD 2020

Wind noise is heard at speeds over 110 km / h. Most likely it is from mirrors. I used to have a Mazda CX-9, but this was not there, there was silence on the track even at a higher speed. We’ll have to glue a soundproof / athermal film on the front hemisphere. Hope it will help. In the older Defender trim levels, the windshield is laminated with greater sound insulation. Probably because of this it is quieter there.

But this is only in comparison with the more streamlined Mazda, which has smaller mirrors and thicker front windows. I think that, for example, Camry will not win any comparison with Def. Compared to her, he is simply “quiet”: the wheels are practically inaudible, and it is the wind that buzzes at high speeds.

The downside of the car is that the rear window is constantly getting dirty. A regular rearview mirror is a waste of money. Here you need a mirror with a screen, and keep it constantly on.

And too small trunk is not very happy. In the Mazda CX-9, it was larger, although the car itself was 30 cm longer. But still, with such dimensions, the Def could have made a trunk and more.

Review of the new Defender

I can say the following about the salon. Everyone who sat in the front was completely delighted. The salon is distinguished by its conciseness, simplicity and functionality. There is no bulky panel here, so there is plenty of free space. Rear passengers did not complain about the lack of space either. But the angle of the back of the rear seats is not regulated there, which, in my opinion, is very bad.

Landing in the car is quite high, even in the comfortable landing mode, when the car squats by 4 cm – this is inconvenient. With my height of 183 cm, it is even more or less, but my wife and son have a harder time, especially in winter, when you need to sit down and knock your feet from the snow on one another. I think I can solve the problem with the footpegs.

The car is equipped with a 400-watt Meridian speaker system. It consists of a subwoofer and 10 speakers. Sounds great, no complaints. By the way, the Mazda was equipped with Bose acoustics with a subwoofer and 13 speakers. Well, the bass sounded worse there.

Diesel engine with a capacity of 200 hp. pulls normally. When driving around the city, I do not feel any discomfort. On the highway, of course, not enough. With a full load, it is not possible to overtake vigorously.

I drove a short section at a speed of 160 km / h – the car holds the road like a glove, but the flow rate climbs up and the wind makes a lot of noise. I put out 110-120 km of cruise and enjoyed the road. The adaptive cruise control is great here! Well, we will continue to ride and test. Thank you all for your attention.

Review of the new Defender

Review of the new Defender

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