I was driving to the dacha on a dirt road

I am sharing my impressions of the KIA Optima 2.4 Prestige. I have been driving a car for a little more than seven months and I think that during this time you can learn about the main disadvantages and advantages of the car. In addition, a clouded first impression is dispelled. In general, everything falls into place.

The general impression is that the car is standing. There are drawbacks, but any model has them – the ideal has not yet been created. I will say right away – that I bought this particular car, I did not regret a minute. It is worth noting the design of the “Korean” – it is really stylish and beautiful, it attracts attention. There are no questions at all.

KIA Optima 2.4

The suspension pleases with its balance. On the road, the Optima runs smoothly, the sensitivity at the right level is a definite plus. As for the driving characteristics in general, the car was created rather for a measured ride. But if you wish, you can shine on it.

Review of Kia Optima 2.4 Prestige AT 2017

The interior is quite functional, the ergonomics are well thought out. This is evidenced by such little things as adjusting the side mirrors for a better view when engaging reverse gear, the two-way adjustable steering column and seat. There are no complaints about the location of the governing bodies. In general, the interior is made soundly, one might say, solidly. By the way, the car is equipped with a good audio system.

A strange noise appears at rpm above 4000. Later I learned that it is called “rice”, and it appears from the pipes, or rather, from their specific design. But this is a design feature, not a defect. But the sound insulation could be better, especially in the arches. Once I was driving to the dacha on a dirt road – like a machine gun hammered small stones, plus new rubber, tenacious.

KIA Optima 2.4

After the mechanics, I liked the automatic machine. Someone says that there are jerks, but I don’t notice them, maybe I’ll start over time. But there are no such jerks that were on the manual box, which is very pleasing. The transmission setup is a little inconvenient for me. She strangely shifts to a higher gear – at 80 km / h is already the sixth. Here it is better to drop a few gears with a petal. I think this firmware was made to save fuel. There are no complaints about the light of optics – xenon shines as it should.

The disadvantages include the unstable operation of the rain sensor. Often starts wipers when a few drops fall, and sometimes does not start them in pouring rain with greatly reduced visibility. Then I help manually – the alternative mode is too fast. Hearing out a greeting, which every time appears on the screen and asks to agree to abide by the rules – this is already really annoying.

And the last, in my opinion, flaw is incomplete opening of the trunk, you need to help with your hands. I don’t know, maybe the function settings need to be adjusted.

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