In Addition To The Exterior And Interior, The Accord Has Nothing To Offer

I traveled to the 8th generation Honda Accord for 1.5 years, took the Executive package. I learned the model thoroughly, maybe my review will be useful to someone. It was for the beauty of the body that I probably took this car.

Fell in love with the body immediately: beautiful lines, original stampings. True, pre-styling optics are already outdated today, but they are inexpensive and easy to replace. Nice discs, but disgusting braking system.

Review of Honda Accord 8 2.4 AT 2008

I noticed this minus after leaving the highway – the brakes of the Accord are enough only for the city. I had to change all the rims to Otto Zimmermann, and Ferodo put the pads. It didn’t help much, the brake system on the five-year-old Accord will have to be changed completely.

The car has very comfortable seats – I liked the lateral support and a large number of adjustments in height and length. High-quality plastic panels – after five years there are no scuffs, no chips or cracks. The interior design is generally stylish and modern. There are also drawbacks: the sidewalls of the seats are trimmed with low-quality leatherette, the perforated inserts look like new, and the sidewalls are rubbed.

Noise isolation after the Passat is disgusting. Neither additional pads nor anti-gravel help – nothing. Only after the complete SHVI (noise-vibration-heat insulation) doors, shelves and arches became a little quieter. The acoustics of the media system are good, normally there are 9 speakers in the Accord – they are well arranged, it is comfortable to listen to music at any volume.

The four-year-old engine is clean, it worked stably, but from the first days the automatic transmission was buzzing in 1st and 3rd gears. The service technicians reported that such a malfunction is not uncommon for the Accord, but it is solved quickly and does not bring problems.

Since I moved to a Honda after the Passat, for several days the car seemed like an iron on the track. The steering is smooth and it seemed that the Accord could only go straight. In general, I liked the control – a powerful engine and optimal suspension: not wobbly and not jerky, they allowed to accelerate well and retained the dynamics when overtaking at speed. It is a pleasure to enter the turns, the steering is good, there are no passes. Of the minuses: the steering rack constantly breaks – it saves that the repair kit is not expensive.

The naturally aspirated 2.4-liter chain motor gives good performance up to 7,500 rpm. It takes a lot of gasoline around the city – up to 14 liters, especially if there is a manual gearbox. There is an increased oil consumption – 1 liter per 1,000 km. If you change the oil every 15,000 km, the engine can be sent for overhaul after the first “hundred”, oil scraper rings lie from low-quality gasoline. After 140 thousand, the cams on the camshaft had to be replaced – everything crumbled.

I took a car with an automatic torque converter. In principle, the box is reliable, but no more. Gear changes are slow, always late. Smooth shifting is also not the main feature of the box. The transition is always jerky, the automatic transmission of the Accord loses to all the boxes of the German manufacturer.

You can adapt to shifting gears in jerks, but there is no constant howl in 1st and 3rd gear. The reason is the development of a seat for one bearing of the box. In the eighth chord, the problem is treated by replacing the automatic transmission case. I recommend that everyone change the transmission partially – if you drain all the fluid through special equipment and pump in a new one, you can get to the box repair.

After a year and a half of operation, I can draw the final conclusion – the seven-year-old Accord is not worse than many cars, but he is far from a “German” of the same age.


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