In Any Weather, You Can Drive In The Left Lane 150 Km / H And Hold The Steering Wheel With Two Fingers

Audi A4 is a car with dynamic (European) suspension. The car is very economical. The suspension handles bumps in the road comfortably. No driver will remain indifferent to such a car! Even after a year it is difficult to get used to it in the good sense of the word: you look forward to every trip.

The suspension is not roll, but very elastic and collected. It is not suitable for quiet movement around the city, but for driving at high speeds on the highways. The car is soundproofed as standard for its year and class. When playing multimedia, the manufacturer claims active noise cancellation. It is really there. At first this is unusual, as it presses on the ears.

Review of Audi A4 2.0 TDI (190 HP) S tronic quattro 2019

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If you like large touch screens and various multimedia pribluda, then this should not be expected here. Yes, I did not specifically look for something like that, but took the initial configuration, because I like physical arrows.

Diesel will not please you with hurricane dynamics, but it will please you with smoothness and stability. Within the range of 100-200, the acceleration of a diesel engine is slower than that of a gasoline engine, but more uniform.

To compare the difference in fuel consumption, you need to drive at a speed of not 110 km / h, but at least 160 km / h. Then in a diesel engine the consumption will be 8 liters versus 11-13 liters in gasoline. This also has its own buzz, and at low speeds the difference is not so noticeable.

And now about the disadvantages. The four-wheel drive takes a long time to warm up, not earlier than after 7-10 minutes. This can be seen in the flow rate. But in any weather, you can drive in the left lane 150 km / h and hold the steering wheel with two fingers, spread out in a chair and turn on pleasant music. This is such an obedient machine!

The main drawback is the ingress of water into the lock of the gas tank hatch during a car wash in winter. If this happens, you will have to suffer with every refueling until spring. But all these shoals cannot be compared with the merits of the Audi A4!

I now cannot understand people who are very concerned about the size of the back sofa in the car. With my height of 180 cm, I can easily spend 1.5-2 hours behind. I prefer not to travel by car on long journeys – I use an airplane.

Judge for yourself: plane tickets will cost you the same price as fuel for a car, and you will spend less time and fly in comfort. If the resort really needs a car, you can always rent one.

And finally, I want to say that any car is a compromise. For me, the Audi A4 is ideal for everyday driving on the highway. It would be nice, of course, if the family had one more car – purely for city trips. If you prefer sports cars, take the Mercedes C43, and if you need more comfort, then consider the BMW 520d.


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