in fact, everything is not so rosy

I will undertake to compare the incomparable: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Land Rover Discovery 3. Cars are in different price categories, but they have common points of contact, and there are enough of them.

In my opinion, the big plus of the Japanese is the rustic appearance – he looks like a sumo wrestler. But this is not the main thing, since the Rover was also pleasing to the eye. And I really think a huge trunk is a serious advantage of Toyota. Unthinkable things, such as barrels of antifreeze, fit into it (loaded for the experiment – it worked). The second huge plus is a lot of space in the cabin. There is enough room for the body and legs.

Review of TLC 200 4.5D (330 HP) 2008

The Land Cruiser is much wider than the Discovery, although the latter cannot be blamed for the lack of space. At the same time, the Japanese are not happy with their pockets for various little things. The power unit of an SUV is good, but after tuning it became really wild – I can’t get enough of it. At the start, the car slowly picks up speed, but after the turbines pick up speed, the dynamics becomes much more fun.

Of the unpleasant, it is worth noting the rear axle – it reacts sharply to irregularities, throws up strongly. It feels good, although you don’t want to collect all the pits and bumps along the way. Then, with a certain sadness, I remembered the Land Rover Discovery multi-link, which pleased me with a soft ride.

One guru said that the Japanese, despite the springs, should not have this, and this is the result of some kind of malfunction. I carefully checked the suspension – everything works as usual without any problems, which was confirmed by the specialists at the service station. By the way, in this regard, Prado is a little brighter.

Another disappointment is the trim. Materials are cheap here, plastic elements are not resistant even to weak mechanical loads, they quickly lose their presentable appearance. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen to the leather upholstery of the seats after a few tens of thousands of kilometers. The steering wheel upholstery is also quickly wiped off.

Before buying the TLC 200, I had only heard that the car is eternal and does not break down. I did not even think that we are talking only about the technical component, and in the cabin not everything is as sweet as we would like. But I do not drive an SUV for so long – maybe technical problems will still appear, although I would not want to.

The tendency is somewhat frightening when several of the same cars are at the service station. Many have problems with fuel equipment. Another common Kruzakov disease is increased oil consumption. Sometimes the reason is never found.

I ran into leaking seals of the transfer case and the front gearbox. But this was not the case on the Rover, which is reputed to be a capricious car. There were no more technical troubles, but the mileage is still small.

It’s too early to make a Toyota Land Cruiser verdict – it takes time to find out all the strengths and weaknesses. I will only say that over the 5 years of operation of Land Rover Discovery, only the pump has failed. I think that there is something to think about, and especially about whether the car corresponds to the prevailing opinion about it.


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