in what it is better and worse than UAZ

In 2021, I changed my UAZ Patriot to the new Great Wall Wingle 7, I will compare the pickup with the Patriot. In many ways, the cars are similar, but there are also fundamental differences. Let’s start with what the “Chinese” is superior to the domestic SUV.

The main difference is the overclocking dynamics. The pickup just jerks off, a great set of speed. At the same time, fuel consumption is half that of the Patriot. The appearance of the Great Wall Wingle 7 is not for everybody, but I like it much more than the carved-out body of the UAZ.

Review of Great Wall Wingle 7 2.0 (143 HP) 4WD MT 2020

Author: mihailapenkin

In terms of comfort, the “Chinese” also significantly surpasses the UAZ: there are all the main options for control and comfortable driving. The dimensions of the cabin are gigantic, the pickup drives like a passenger car, clearly and stably, the Patriot never dreamed of such comfort.

And now in what the Great Wall is inferior. In my subjective opinion, the driving position is very low, so visibility is not the best. This is annoying while driving, there are many “blind” zones, and it is dangerous, especially if you are driving off-road.

To turn around, you need a lot more space than the Patriot, it feels like the turning radius is one meter more than on the UAZ. The huge carrying capacity of the pickup does not allow the passengers in the back row to feel comfortable, the suspension shoots hard. The driver’s seat with a height of 180 is uncomfortable and does not allow you to relax your back.

If the UAZ is ideal for off-roading, then on the Wall Wingle you can forget about trips through the forest – the pickup is generally not designed for such roads, the clearance is too low, plus a long wheelbase. But the muddy dirt of a country road in a low gear passes confidently, without slipping.

When the Wingle is perfect. If you need to transport cargo up to a ton on average roads, a pickup truck is ideal for relatively little money. There is nothing cheaper on the market.

The fuel economy will be even if the UAZ runs on propane, and not on clean fuel, while the engine of the “Chinese” is much more elastic. A loaded UAZ does not give such indicators, the motor drags at speeds from 1,800 to 3,500.

In general, I’m happy with the car. With my work with constant traveling and transportation of goods, I cannot find a better car. For a confident ride, you need to buy rear-view cameras or parking sensors and at least an awning on the body.

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