Inappropriate Phrases When Communicating With A Traffic Police Inspector

Sometimes you want to look like an expert in jurisprudence in front of a traffic police officer. They say, we know the laws, we just can’t be divorced. However, often, we use such phrases that the effect is quite the opposite. The Za Rulem experts have collected several examples of such expressions.

Reason for stopping

An absolutely useless phrase. Even if the inspector decides to stop your car without good reason, he will tell you that he just wants to check the documents. And it will be legal.

Inappropriate phrases

There are other reasons for stopping, the reasons for which the traffic police officer is not obliged to disclose. For example, a car similar to yours is wanted or fled from the scene of an accident. Therefore, the only effect of such a statement is a negative impression of the inspector about you.

No token means you are not on duty

The absence of a badge at the traffic police officer is one of the favorite “red rags” for some dull-witted “autobloggers”. For some reason, they perceive an inspector without a badge not as a representative of the authorities, but simply as some incomprehensible passer-by who for some reason stopped them – and in vain.

Inappropriate phrases

In fact, the authority of a traffic police officer is determined not by the presence of a token, but by the presence of an official ID. The absence of a badge is by no means the most serious violation of official discipline for an inspector. And your indication of this fact will be perceived by a law enforcement official rather as a formal quibble, in the absence of other arguments in their own defense.

I will not sign anything

In fact, your signature in the protocol has little effect – if you refuse it, the inspector will simply indicate that “the driver refused to sign”. Moreover, he will write something in it at his discretion. For example, an offense that you did not commit.

Inappropriate phrases

If you disagree with the traffic police officer, indicate in the protocol – “I do not agree”. It’s even better if you also clarify why. This can be done in the column “Explanation of the person against whom the administrative offense case has been initiated.”

I will now film everything, and then send it where it should be!

Poking a smartphone in the face and scaring the authorities with denunciations is also one of the favorite tactics of some “legally savvy” drivers. This not only looks disgusting from the outside, but it can also turn against the hapless “whistleblower with a camera.”

Inappropriate phrases

The fact is that many articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses provide for the so-called. “Fork of punishments” – their severity is determined by the inspector on the spot. And in the event of such provocations, you will hardly have to count on the condescension of a traffic police officer.

And if the inspector’s nerves fail, he may generally behave quite differently from what the provocateur expects. For example, he will pull him out of the car, put him in handcuffs and draw up a protocol of disobedience to a representative of the authorities (Article 19.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).

You do not have the right to check documents outside stationary posts

Inappropriate phrases

Once upon a time it was really so, and some drivers with the help of such a phrase still continue to “trump” their “legal knowledge”. Meanwhile, the law has changed a long time ago – according to paragraph 84.13 of the Administrative Regulations, traffic police inspectors can inspect cars outside stationary posts.

And you are obliged to obey clause 2.1.1. SDA, which indicates that the driver must have a driver’s license with him and present it at the first request of the inspector. Otherwise, the traffic cop can draw up a protocol on refusal to present documents – and this is a rather serious offense.

I didn’t break anything, chief!

Inappropriate phrases

This is definitely not the way to talk with government officials. Firstly, not every traffic police officer will like such a familiar treatment, especially if, for example, he is older than you. Secondly, you should not make excuses right away for any violations – you could have been stopped just for the sake of checking your documents. And such a phrase will only make the inspector examine you and your car with much closer attention – otherwise, why on earth are you making excuses?

You need to understand that experienced traffic police officers develop an excellent instinct over the years – they can easily distinguish a truly legally savvy person from a “windbag”. Therefore, not only the content is important, but also the presentation. Stay calm and confident, observe respect and etiquette – then meetings with law enforcement officials will go smoothly and as much as possible.

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