incredible homemade tractor with two engines for 3,500 hp

Over the past seven years, Southern California-based property developer Mike Harra has been building his own tractor unit in his spare time. The truck was named THOR 24, while the main feature of the machine is a huge engine.

It is known that Mike took the 1979 Peterbilt 359 tractor as the basis for the modification. In the process of revision, the car received two twin 12V-71 from Detroit Diesel. Each of them already has two mechanical superchargers in stock, but the owner of the tractor additionally installed eight more BDS 8-71 compressors.


As a result, the THOR 24 has 12 superchargers at once, while the volume of its 24-cylinder engine reaches 27.9 liters. It is known that a drive shaft with a length of more than 2.5 meters is used to spin up the compressors in the machine. The truck itself reaches a length of 13.41 m and weighs 13.5 tons.

Among other technical features of a home-made truck, it is worth noting the intake manifold. The latter is here made of a thin aluminum plate, with eight cylinders of nitrous oxide placed on top of it. Plus, the modification has as many as 24 exhaust pipes.


Mike Harrah notes that the homemade tractor engine produces 3,471 horsepower. at 2,500 rpm, and it works in conjunction with an Allison HT740 four-band automatic machine. It is possible to accelerate such a car up to 160 km / h, however, it is difficult to stop a tractor rushing at full steam without four brake parachutes attached to the rear bumper.

The creator also had to replace the original front suspension with an A-arm design from a bus, while the chassis for the tractor was made of rectangular pipes with a wall thickness of about 16 mm. Plus the car received 22.5- and 24.5-inch Alcoa aluminum wheels front and rear, respectively, “shod” in tires measuring 315/30.


As for the interior, the truck’s dashboard consists of 24 different dials. In addition to the standard speedometer and tachometer, there are pressure and compressor scales. Additionally, there are four displays above the driver, which display a picture from cameras installed on the nose of the car. There is also a full seating area in the cockpit, where there is a powerful audio system and a 40-inch TV.

At the moment, the monstrous THOR 24 is parked in an aircraft hangar on the outskirts of Lake Havasu City (Arizona). Access to public roads for such a car is closed. How much such an unusual tuning cost to the owner is unknown.



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