Infiniti QX50 2021 – photo and price in Russia, specifications, owner reviews, buy in Moscow

How much is the new Infiniti QX50 2021 in Russia: the price of the model on the official dealer’s website varies from 3 490 000 to 4 740 000 rubles… The premium crossover is offered in one of four trim levels: Pure, Luxe, Sensory and Autograph.

The line of second generation Infiniti QX50 II engines in our market is represented by the only two-liter gasoline engine with 249 horsepower, which is paired with a variator, and an all-wheel drive transmission is standard equipment.

New Model QX50 2021

Models and prices of Infiniti QX50 2021

Equipment price, rub.
2.0 (249 с.с.) Pure AWD CVT 3 720 000
2.0 (249 lbs) Luxe AWD CVT 3 815 000
2.0 (249 л.с.) Essential AWD CVT 3 970 000
2.0 (249 л.с.) Sensory AWD CVT 4 435 000
2.0 (249 л.с.) Autograph ProActive AWD CVT 4 970 000

CVT – variator, AWD – four-wheel drive

  • Initial release Pure includes eight airbags, LED headlights, dual-display multimedia, power and heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, leatherette upholstery, heated wiper rest zone, engine start button, power boot lid and 19-inch alloy wheels.
  • Equipment Luxe supplemented with a rain sensor, LED fog lights, a panoramic roof, three-zone climate control, and real leather is used as an interior department.
  • Option Sensory includes matrix adaptive headlights, power steering column, Bose music, front seat ventilation, navigation, all-round cameras, remote engine start system, rear door window shades and 20-inch wheels.
  • Top performance Autograph boasts electric steering, three-color interior trim with natural maple inserts, adaptive cruise control and a complex of active safety systems, including monitoring of blind spots, tracking lane markings, automatic braking, etc.

Pros and cons of Infiniti QX50 II

+ Pros

  • High ground clearance
  • Dynamics
  • Salon
  • Controllability
– Minuses

  • Ergonomics
  • Multimedia
  • Navigation

Owner reviews Infiniti QX50 2020-2021

Cars are brought to us from Mexico, I will not say that Dons Pedro and Juana are careful in assembling. The fuel filler flap, if you look closely, sticks out slightly. There are some questions about the fitting of parts in the cabin. I strongly dislike how the variator lever feels – there is a noticeable backlash, and hence the vibration.

The front seats look flat, but they are surprisingly comfortable. I had to spend five to six hours “in the saddle”, so this did not affect the state of health of my back. High quality finish, leather. Although, again, the line in places is such that I would have done better myself. The plastic at the bottom and the buttons on the doors are some kind of deshman, and they also call it premium …

Kirill, a review of the Infiniti QX50 2.0 (249 HP) CVT 2019

The car has a meager basic equipment. Although this is more likely not a minus, but a manufacturer’s strategy. I draw your attention to the fact that competitors cost 200-300 thousand more. If you want something else – pay. But on the other hand, this negates the price advantage.

The lack of a camera in the database, as well as a seat memory – that’s what upset me. And the heated steering wheel? Of course, nothing will surprise me, but if a brand positions itself as a premium, then it must a priori be different from the mass segment. After all, it is really important for someone.

Review of the new Infiniti QX50 2.0 (249 HP) on the 2020 CVT

Until now, I have traveled 12,000 km. Honestly, I did not notice much savings from the innovative engine, but at the same time, fuel consumption is not prohibitive, as many owners complain, and it significantly depends on the driving style: the car does not like sharp accelerations, although it is capable of it – its dynamics are excellent.

If you pedal smoothly, then in the city the consumption is 11-12 liters per 100 km, on the highway 9.5-10 liters. It seems to me that for an all-wheel drive crossover with a 249-horsepower engine, this is a perfectly acceptable figure.

Eugene, a review of the Infiniti Ku X 50 2.0 with a variator 2019

In terms of sound, Bose, as I understand it, is not quite the same as on the American market. Doesn’t allow you to regulate anything at all. The subwoofer is too background, the sound pressure is not very noticeable. In general, a four with a minus.

The Nissan navigator just needs to be banned. I have not seen a more clumsy interface. It is necessary to start with the introduction of the locality, and here it gives out a list of streets with the same names with reference to the municipal district, and the name does not completely fit on the screen. Working out the card for a deuce. A useless device, and a whole screen is tied to it, which practically cannot do anything else.

Review of Infiniti QX50 2.0 CVT AWD 2020 MY

The dynamics does not raise questions, even despite the 8 “gears” of the variator. Without this, the car would be even more dynamic. The car is for the American market, but, nevertheless, the suspension is adjusted very correctly. A combination of softness and precise handling. Of course, I would like to add adjustments to the suspension, but …

Review of Infiniti Q X 2.0 (249 HP) with CVT 2019


Infiniti QX50 2021 in a new body

The new body of the second generation Infiniti QX50 2021 is built on the basis of the FF front-wheel drive platform with a transverse engine arrangement. The body of the model is predominantly made of high-strength steel grades.

As for the suspension, it is independent here with MacPherson struts in front and a multi-link structure in the rear. In a circle on the model, steel springs and amplitude-dependent shock absorbers are involved, plus anti-roll bars are used on both axles.

Already in the base, the Japanese crossover is equipped with an intelligent all-wheel drive system using an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch capable of redirecting up to 50% of the torque to the rear axle. Infiniti QX50 II has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 693
  • Width – 1 903
  • Height – 1 679
  • Wheelbase – 2 800
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 217

Roof rack Infinity Q X 50

According to the automaker, the trunk volume of the model is 565 liters, and with the second row seats folded down – 1,139 liters. The crossover has a 60-liter fuel tank, the curb weight of the car is 1,884 kg.

In Russia, the new Infiniti QX50 2021 is equipped with a VC-Turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine with variable valve timing and turbocharging. This 2.0-liter unit works in tandem with the X-Tronic CVT, producing 249 hp. and 380 Nm. With such a “stuffing”, the off-road vehicle is capable of accelerating from zero to hundreds in 7.3 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 220 km / h.

In the standard driving preset, the Ku X 50 is perceived as a modern family crossover, but when the Sport mode is activated, the character of the car changes dramatically. The steering wheel of the car is filled with a pleasant weight, and the accelerator pedal begins to react more sharply even to the slightest pressure.

In this mode, this car certainly cannot be called a family car, however, hardly anyone will use sports settings on an ongoing basis, since in this case the SUV becomes too aggressive and nervous.

Salon Infinity Cu X 50 2021

On relatively flat roads, the Infiniti QX50 in the new body pleases with good smoothness and comfortably overcomes medium bumps even on large 20-inch Run Flat wheels. However, as soon as you meet larger pits and bumps on your way, not a trace of comfort remains: the passengers in the cabin begin to shake noticeably.

It is possible to get comfortable in the front seats with an electric drive in a matter of minutes, after which it is no longer necessary to look for the settings “for yourself”. At the same time, at first glance, the seats themselves may seem too simple and boring, but on a long journey they manifest themselves in all their glory, providing a comfortable fit.

If the Japanese guessed right with the seats, then the ergonomics in the new Infiniti Q X 50 turned out to be controversial. For example, you have to reach for the upper screen on the center console, and the lower display, which is responsible for managing most of the secondary functions, upsets the confusing and illogical menu.

Interesting Facts

The premiere of the second generation Infiniti QX50 took place at the Los Angeles Auto Show two thousand seventeen, and the appearance of the car was preceded by the QX Sport Inspiration concept. Unlike the latter, the serial version received slightly simpler bumpers and optics, plus it lost part of the chrome decor.

At the front, the new Infiniti QX50 model stands out with a proprietary massive radiator grille, an embossed hood and fashionable head optics, and in profile, the curvature of the window line in the area of ​​the rear pillars draws attention to itself. And if the car of the previous generation had a long hood and a sloping roof, then the current version has become much closer to traditional crossovers. The drag coefficient was reduced by 6%.

If earlier the Kew X 50 was a kind of bully with a rear-wheel drive chassis and a longitudinally located engine, now the default drive is front, the engine is placed across, and the traditional classic 7-band automatic has given way to a variator. The new platform turned out to be 23% stiffer than the previous one, plus it allowed to increase the free space in the cabin.

The 2021 model year car retained its looks and technical “stuffing”, and in its cabin there was a modified InTouch multimedia with two displays, which now have a higher resolution and clearer graphics. It has a more efficient processor, the memory capacity has been increased to 2 gigabytes, plus support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay has appeared.

Photos of the new Infiniti QX50 2021

Car test drive video

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